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7 Days of Sex, a new Lifetime reality series, is giving new promise to married couples around the country. The underlying premise of 7 Days of Sex is that couples who promise to have sex seven consecutive days in a row will experience greater intimacy and understanding, along with a renewed spark in the bedroom. Viewers witnessed major success stories on 7 Days of Sex – Episodes 1 and 2, and the momentum kept rolling right through episode three. 7 Days Of Sex - Episode 2: Success Reigns

In Episode 3 of 7 Days of Sex we follow two couples as they go through the 7 Days of Sex mini-experiment. Ari and Barry have been married three years and report that they are no longer having sex often enough. Barry is a powerful businessman, and Ari is a former Playboy bunny. Although they do not have children, they have what Barry describes as a “zoo” of animals, including cockatoos, dogs, and hermit crabs.

Roland and Brittany have been married for just over a year, although they have been together for much longer. They have a newborn son and a child to care for. Roland is a pilot while Brittany stays home to care for the children. Roland reports that, “sex was crazy” when they first started dating, but now they are not having sex as often with the demands of a newborn baby at home.

Day by Day Summary of 7 Days of Sex – Episode 3:

Day 1: Roland is celebrating his 41st birthday and is excited about getting some birthday sex on Day 1 of 7 Days of Sex. He states, “this shouldn’t even count, we should extend it another day!” Although Roland and Brittany are tired after a long day, they have success on night one.

Ari talks with her girlfriend about 7 Days of Sex, and discloses that Barry used to make her feel sexy, but that he just doesn’t seem to notice her anymore. Ari states, “he’s more likely to jump on a business call than jump on me.” Day 1 of 7 Days of Sex is a success for Ari and Barry, although Barry jumps right on a business call after the sex is over.

Day 2: Roland and Brittany find a twenty minute break mid-day and are extremely excited to have Day 2 of 7 Days of Sex completed so early on in the day.

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Barry has a talk with Ari about her zoo of animals. He wants them to stay out of the bedroom at night, and Ari states, “if you take everything away from me that I enjoy in my life, then that’s not going to put me in the mood.” It is clear that Ari has developed an emotional attachment to her beloved pets. Barry puts up a gate at their Malibu mansion to keep the animals downstairs. Mr. Biggles, the dog, whines and moans for a long time, but eventually things turn quiet and Day 2 of 7 Days of Sex is a success.

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