7 Days Of Sex - Episode 2: Success Reigns

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7 Days of Sex is a new Lifetime reality series that features two couples per week who commit to having sex for seven consecutive days. The “7 Days of Sex” experiment is not a new one, in fact some experts are even suggesting 30 days of sex. #7daysofsex has been a top trending item on Twitter two weeks in a row; people are discussing it, and couples around the country are giving it a try. 7 Days of Sex - Episode Three-Peat

We witnessed two couples strengthen their relationships on the week one episode of "7 Days of Sex", and I was curious to find out if the success would continue into week 2. Last week on “7 Days of Sex” we saw a couple with children (Lauryn and Brown), and one without (Anna and Anthony). Both couples had a breakdown in communication, but the experiment of 7 days of sex had a profound effect on both relationships in Episode 1. 7 Days of Sex: Why You Should Try It [EXPERT]

Episode Two of “7 Days of Sex” follows two couples: Chantal and Derek, and Marilyn and Galen.  Chantal and Derek have three toddlers, while Marilyn and Galen have a blended family. Children are an important factor to mention because a landmark study found that two-thirds of couples reported a decline in their marital relationship after the birth of their first child. Having children can put major strain on marriage. 3 Powerful Parenting Secrets [EXPERT]

Derek and Chantal report that they used to be hot and heavy, and had sex “like rabbits” at the beginning of their relationship. The stress involved with caring for three young children really affected their sex life. Chantal reports being extremely exhausted after caring for the children all day while Derek is at work. It is hard for them to find any quiet time to enjoy each other’s company.

Marilyn and Galen have both been married before, and now have a blended family. They have been married for six years and report having sex just once a month. Marilyn views Galen as being a little uptight, while Galen does not feel that Marilyn listens to him. R.E.B.T.- Proof Your Marriage [EXPERT]

Recap of "7 Days of Sex" - Episode 2:

DAY 1: Marilyn tells her friends about the “7 Days of Sex” experiment and states that Galen seems to have, “a stick up his butt.” She describes him as being more of a spiritual lover, rather than a sensual lover. Galen reports that Marilyn’s, “enthusiasm seems to be lacking.” Day 1 is described as being “dumb” by Marilyn because they were worried about their children being awake. It is a pretty lackluster night for them both.

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