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If you feel angry, frustrated and disapointed, you might have lost yourself trying to make your realationship work at your expence. You cannot be anyone else, but you.  Trust who you are and what you want and let your authenticity attract the relationships that are meant to be yours.

About Lana Pritzker

"I do not call myself Psychic, but may be I should "

What if you knew how you were wired or, better yet, understand your partner's "buttons", so you could stay true to yourself yet create intimate connection... even when you think it is impossible? What if there was a way to KNOW exactly WHAT was really going on and HOW you could make your deepest desires come true?

When I was 21 when I fell in love with my current husband from the first sight.  I was young, had a great teaching career, amazing friends and many interests (like traveling, dancing, theater, writing, etc). And I  knew that I wanted to marry someone who was just as happy, just as accomplished, and just as free as I was.

Well, when you meet a free spirit, it is hard to tame it, huh?   You see, he was a mountain climber and this was his first commitment (or should we call it marriage?). It took me two years!. I teased him, I cried, I asked our friends for help... I've done all I could, but nothing worked!  He believed that family responsibilities would limit his freedom to do what he loved the most - climbing mountains. Then I got it ...and used it - a precise relationship strategy that made it happen.

Today, after losing myself and almost destroying our relationship, I found my truth, and then found love and connection again. We raised two talented children, both have flourishing careers and he is still climbing... He even summitted Everest in May 2009 . Last year we began learning the Argentine Tango... He is dancing for the first time in his life!

The Relationship Puzzle is a tricky game.

Frustration, disappointment, and anger are relationship killers. To avoid provoking these feeling, we often sacrifice our authentic self in attemt to please others. Delivering readings of relationship maps for  hundreds of people I became a master on a subject and created a system that helped them navigate the relationship mazes. My reading gives you precise logistics of who you, helps you figure out your partner's behaviors, and shows how to prevent conflicts without losing your true voice.

I am passionate about helping you build a successful Relationship Puzzle. Not only you can find the love and perfection at any age, but you can also dramatically improve a relationship that you already have. My mission is to help you to "do it right " from the beginning or change your love drama into Love Story.

If you doubt yourself, feel rejected or disappointed with your relationships, do not despair! It is no accident that you found my articles, or videos, or success stories today! I would like to offer you a rare picture of You, Your Partner and Your Relationship  that supports you in becoming confident, happy and satisfied in your love life.

I am passionate about my intuitive reading and love helping you live happily ever after.

You deserve it.
It is your time!
I am excited that we are connected now.

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Success Stories

Lana Pritzker Success Stories

My Love Reading from Svetlana Pritzker

Dating couples

My Gene Keys Love Reading from Svetlana Pritzkermore

Today I got an awesome Gene Keys inspired reading about love and relationships from Svetlana Pritzker of Energy 4 Action. She's a highly trained Gene Keys consultant, really interesting woman! She has a very strong accent, but I got used to it pretty quickly. Just to go over what I received from this, and to have it for myself to look back on, I'm going to trasncribe some of my notes about the reading here - I LOVED IT. I was going to take her course entitled "The Ultimate Love Affair", but the course was cancelled so I agreed to have my tuition chanelled into personal readings with her. I've also bought the book that goes with the course - click here to see it on Amazon. You can read quite a bit of the book on the online preview at that page.

She focused quite a bit on my Life's Work key, which is Gene Key 58. The shadow of that key is dissatisfaction. The Gift is Vitality. And the eventual siddhic state of that key is BLISS.

In relation to romantic love, Svetlana explained that my whole mission in life is to attain a state of joy. When I'm radiating the energy of joy, everyone around me benefits and my life gets awesome in all ways. All my relationships are uniquely designed to teach me what does and does not bring me joy, so that I can learn to move away from what dissatisfies me and move towards my bliss. She explained very strongly that my mission in relationships and in life is to GO FOR IT with anything that I know brings me joy. At the same time, I must really and truly detach, with my actions, not just my mind, from anything that takes me away from joy.

She explained that it's easy to get carried away with trying to do what others will want me to do, out of an idea that this will eventually bring me joy in itself... but I must not get swayed by that. It's all about what directly brings ME joy... not what other people want me to do or what will bring THEM joy. I have to always be unwavering in that journey of being true to my own personal sense of what is wanted and joyful for me.

She also explained the fool proof way to know clearly which path will truly lead me to that joy, ie: what to do and what not to do. She said, it's all about your gut feeling in the moment. Your primal knowing in your body of what feels like a good thing that you want and what feels unwanted. You can also feel that something is wanted, but just not right now - that's OK too. She helped me identify what a gut feeling actually feels like. It's not an emotion, it's not a thought. It's a feeling, almost like a sexual impulse, soemthing that's really wired into my body somehow, where I just KNOW deeply, in my gut, there is either a YES or a NO answer to this and it is always clear. And I can ask myself the question about something by imagining "how would this feel if I did this or went towards this?"... when imagining the thing, I will get the gut instinct yes or no to it. I will always be able to use that compas.

I resonated with that very strongly. I realized that I could use it to decide if I should get involved with a sexual partner or not, if I should move towards a relationship with someone, if I should hold back, take a break, etc. But I asked her also, what if I know something's not right for me, but I still want to do it? Attachment - how to deal with that? She then spoke back to me something that I have been getting very strongly as a clear message in my life the last while, which is, if you are attached to something or someone, you must simply ask yourself what it is that person or thing is giving you, and then provide it for yourself. Understand that you don't need that person as long as you do for yourself what you want them to do for you. So if you need a friend, find a friend or a counsellor to talk to and relate with. If you miss the touch, get a massage or some cuddles... etc. - This was exactly what my guides have been saying, so I appreciated it.

She explained that, while the mind will always play games of weaving stories about the future, creating problems to solve so that it can feel good... I must maintain the practice of always staying in the NOW. It's only advisable to use my gut feeling compas to explore things that are CURRENT in my life, I don't need to even ask my gut feeling about the future - it will not be able to answer me. I can enjoy fantasies of futures... for example, I could weave a beautiful tale of what I think may be possible some day in terms of some great relationship that could eventually come to be, but I must understand the difference between fantasy, and reality, and indulge it only as a wonderful enjoyable FANTASY which is causing pleasure for me right now. Then, let go of the fantasy and come back to what's actually going on in my life presently. That's the realm I need to focus on navigating through - I do not have to navigate through possibilities of the future, only enjoy them like a dream or a movie.

Svetlana urged me that my gut instinct is not about shoulds. I don't need to worry about what I should or shouldn't do - I only need to check in with my gut instinct and ask myself if this will lead to joy or not... if the answer is yes, GO FOR IT. It's very body based, this whole Gene Keys thing, because it's speaking to my DNA, from a DNA wisdom level. So she really stresses that my gut feeling is about asking myself what it would actually feel like in my body to do or pursue the thing in question. That is the key to knowing my path... and instead of dwelling on the conflict between I should do this but I want to do that, simply bring them together knowing that the highest path is what feels really good, and then have the courage to go for it rather than dwelling on the stories around what my mind is structuring me to believe or think about what is right or wrong, should or shouldn't. So leaving the realm of the mind long enough to really be true to myself.

Svetlana mentioned that I need to laugh as much as possible and surround myself with people who make me laugh :) Laughter yoga, she said, would be a good path for me.

She warned me to understand that it's very unlikely that I will have one partner who will be around for my whole life or for a very long time in my life. I am the type of person who is likely to have partners come, and then go... and I must learn to accept this now. Like actors in a play, they all have a particular scene in my life that they are there to play out, and it's up to me to direct the show with grace.

She also told me that I will be in receiving mode from the people around me until I am 40 or so. She said that I will not be in ultra super giving mode until that time in my life, so it's fine for me to just absorb the blessings and receive from the people around me, that's my destiny.

She mentioned that values are very important to me. She encouraged me to write down 5 - 10 values about a partner, and for that matter, about every other avenue of my life, and then especially when it comes to a partner, keep those values in my mind when looking at prospective mates. For example, if I value honesty, and I have someone come into my life who clearly is not honest, ask my gut feeling to tell me how it would feel in my body to be with someone as a partner, later down the road once the honeymoon has passed, who is not upholding the same values as me. Chances are it would not feel good, so that would be a good indicator that despite the good initial feelings of the romance, the relationship is not destined to last.
My first 5-10 values in a relationship that come to mind :

- emotional intimacy
- transparency and a willingness to be honest
- heart based
- great sex
- mutually supportive of each other's goals, life path
- always evolving (learning and growing) together
- excellent communcation
- soul level connection
- fun, funny, have fun together

She pointed out that love, and the need for love, are two totally different states. I must differentiate between the two, and when I find myself in a place of "needing love", remind myself to sit back into myself and go into a place of being love or being in love - or providing that love to myself. That will create love around me simply by reflection. Needing love, on the other hand, creates lack and problems in a relationship.

She outlined 5 major things that cause conflict in consciousness, and therefore in our relationships. The shadow side of each of these comes from seeking them from the other, and the light side of it comes from providing it for ourselves and then letting the other reflect that. These are :

- approval (only we can truly approve of ourselves, based on our own unique values
- control (we must understand that we have the power in our own hands)
- security (we have to find security from a higher place rather than transient sources)
- separateness (we all want to have space to ourselves for our individuality and personal time)
- oneness (we all want that feeling of divine union, which ultimately comes from within)

She urged me that desire is not something to fight with. It's simply a matter of going deeper into it to find what you truly desire. Let yourself really go into your desire and understand them at a more and more root level, and always have the courage to give yourself exactly what you want, 100%. Courage is at a way higher vibrational level than the fighting with your desires and inner conflict around them. Always let yourself have what you want.

Also, she reminded me to NEVER go into a relationship trying to fix someone. As soon as I find myself trying to fix people, heal them, educate them, bring them up to a higher level - stop it!!! Just focus on seeing the divine perfection in their imperfections, as it relates to me. She explained that my profile shows me as a healer, a person who is destined to always be in SERVICE. And yet, I must remember that my service will never truly serve if I am trying to fix anyone. I have to allow my highest path of service to relax into a place of totally accepting people, and if I am going to be with a mate, it's best to be with someone who I'm not inclined to try and change. This is huge for me, in my relationships and healing practice!!!

She explained that my life is a process of divine grace. I must remember that, and focus on seeing the imperfections, failiures, and trials of my life as being like an experiment towards living that grace more fully. Each experiment is a perfect part of the process, because I must make mistakes in order to evolve. It's all about just sinking back into knowing that I'm already perfect in my imperfections, and that my flaws are grace in action. I can really celebrate, enjoy, and appreciate that fully in life, rather than getting frustrated when things don't work out.

So, again, it's all about not dwelling on the future of my romantic life. I can kill the future by dwelling on dissatisfaction in the now, in this striving towards something better. My journey of love is all about NOW, letting myself have joy in my body and doing what gives me joy rather than getting caught up in weaving stories of something that will not be like the dissatisfaction I'm creating by not honouring how I am now. AND, as I stay focused on the now, and enjoy the good feelings in my body that come from that, I will be creating a postiive future for myself by allowing that. It's all about being now with my love life.
My Homework

Take my life's work Gene Key 58, and the things that Svetlana has explained about it such as activating joy in my life, and apply that to every major thing that happens to me for one full week. So, today is Thursday, and that means that until next Thursday, I will remain totally focused on my joy. My gene key of moving from dissatisfaction into the vitality of surrender and self-acceptance of my desires and what feels good to me, from my gut feeling, in the present moment right now. THAT'S AWESOME!! I'm really looking forward to this exercise. She then encouraged me to repeat the exercise for my other 3 main keys for the following 3 weeks. So cool :) I'm in!




It was a rebirth and I hold you in my life in a special way

Couples in crisis

Hi Sweet Lana,more

What a TREAT it was to be in your awesome presence with your wonderful counterpart...you two are amazing. LOVED your insights and LOVED the Bowl Meditation. Just what the Doctor ordered! I was so amazed at what a big group you had...I am glad I was thinking it might be a more intimate group or I might have gotten in my own way out of embarassment with my condition and not came.

I tell you...I am so sorry it has taken me two years to get there...I have been missing out BIG TIME!! Its all perfect though...as God had other plans with me and my little baby whom I will always have you in my thoughts with gratitude. I say this because I have a distinct memory of the healing you helped facilitate for me at the very first Matrix Seminar in Chicago here like 3+ years ago.

It was a rebirthing and I felt a literal recapitulation of my own birth into the world and remember going thru the birth canal visually & kinesthetically during that session. I know that this was DIVINE preparation for me to invite Angelina Harmony into my life and then go thru the process of giving birth to her. So I just wanted you to know that I hold you in my consciousness in a very special way.

It was a delight to reconnect with you and your love tonight in a divine blissfully ecstatic space to feel yet another kind of deep rebirthing. I am LOVING the cards you created in a HUGE way and Meditatating tonight on the Full System Detox visual. I can't believe I saw those in a vision of mine and that I came there tonight and witnessed that you had created and manifested exactly what I saw...visuals to go with the frequencies!!! Do you offer any in large prints....I might be interested one day in wall artwork for a healing center!! I would love to talk to you about carrying these cards in my store on my site to offer to other clients.

Love and Hugs...Warmly,

Alive Again and Trusting My Design and Guidance

Women in complicated relationships

When I began working with Lana Pritzker, my life was in shambles. I was desolate, in despair and depressed. My family had fallen apart; I had just gotten out of a rehabilitation center for trauma survivors, endured a nasty divorce and was declaring bankruptcy. I was deathly ill, in and out of hospitals with no one to support me and no answers. I got diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 34. I lost everything I held dear to me. Then, my beloved dog dropped dead on me. I thought my life was over. The entire construct of my reality as I had known it was shattered. I was lost, floating in another world that I did not understand.more

Throughout my life I had tried everything I could to lift myself up by my bootstraps, after having endured a horrendously abusive childhood that I would not wish on my worst enemy. My mind was full of self-defeating programming that was slowly killing me, as my captures were long gone out of my physical realm.

Then, I met Lana. With kind command, she helped me to piece back pieces of myself that had been long shattered and left behind. Rather than re-traumatizing me by going over the hideous details of the abuse I'd endured, she offered fresh new perspectives that allowed me to work through my emotions and release them.

The insights that she provided though my Design Reading sessions allowed me to understand my own unique timing, and empowered me to trust my own inner guidance, and no longer follow the script and voices of the "Others". This gave me a greater sense of purpose, hope and understanding that allowed me to keep living, one breath and one wave of emotion at a time.

Lana taught me that I could rise above and move through the emotional waves that needed to be released from my body - that they would not devour me or take over my life. She taught me empowering words, tools and new belief structures that have changed my life forever.

I am still transforming, and some days are easier than others, but I will never ever be at the same level of despair that I was when my life intersected with Lana's.
Lana is a unique, intelligent and amazing woman that I admire, a mentor and a coach that I will forever hold dear to my heart. This woman has not only changed my life for the better, but has allowed me to become a bridge for those around me by passing on her message and sharing the tools she taught me with others. I highly recommend having Design coaching sessions with Lana!

As I slowly cleared away the rubble and debris of the life I had created through unconscious decision making, I re-discovered my childhood sense of wonder and play. I transformed my struggles into well-examined lessons. Lana helped me to quit smoking, after a chain-smoking 2.5 packs a day, using breathing and energy modalities and start a new life that includes expressing my true essence, with less and less concern of how other people perceive my choices.

I live for me now, the most important person in my life today. At times I stumble, but am empowered more than ever before. Though I still struggle with fear, anxiety and trust issues, I look them in the face now rather than run from them. I breathe. I trust things always turn out for the best. I work out again. I meditate. I dance. I rap. I sing. I paint. I write. I make new friends.

If there's one thing that Lana taught me that I keep in mind every day, it is that fear and excitement are two sides of the same coin. Today I am seeing my reality more and more in living colors and less and less in Black and White.

Lana offered me a new dynamic of experiencing the world, interpreting my relationships and moving through my emotions. She helped me to find hope, have courage, and be in command of my world. I go out of my comfort zone each and every day, and even though it sometimes still feels terrifying, I am ALIVE again. No longer a sleeping walking zombie, I choose to live each day as a child, having a new experience in the world with all its craziness and beauty.

Nina Gargovic


Kidfirmations empowers children and parents with practical tools for
living in alignment with their true nature.


This is blowing my mind!

Women seeking spiritual guidance

This is AMAZING in so many ways! Everything I received from you today has clarified and strengthened many things I have been beginning to understand about myself and work on over the last few years. It has been like a bulls-eye for a set of very strong messages I was receiving all week. This is blowing my mind!more

Thank you! :)


Community Programs Manager


From Feeling Guilty to Interconnectedness and Joy

Women starting over

"I began talking to Svetlana because I had a lot of issues built up inside of me to the point that I began to feel intoxicated with them. My life had taken some sharp turns in the past couple of years, and by trying to be strong, I was suppressing feelings that I had to simply get rid of.more

When I had my session with Lana, I understood just how seriously mind rules over matter. Lana was asking me a lot of really important questions that I was postponing asking myself. Every time I thought I had a strong intention and I could handle anything and was able to improve my situation, my body responded with pain and uncomfortable feeling, indicating that there was an inner conflict that stopped me from manifesting my intent.

When we looked closer to what was causing this weak support from my body, I realized how guilty I felt about many things that happened in the past and how this feeling was making me powerless in my present.Your mind can hold you in the past and rule your life from the place of fear and guilt or you can make a change in your perception and let the past be in a past.

Lana helped me see how what happened in the past and my present situation were the same aspects of my live, interconnected and inseparable. I trully beliewed that my old relationship was perceived as negative and it affected tmy father's health. I could not form a healthy loving relationship with this heavy guil. I felt I needed to untangle these aspects in my life and this became the premise of our  sessions.

With Lana's help, I began to quickly resolve physical and emotional problems that I experienced in the present time by letting go the charge that was connected to my past decisions.My sessions with Lana allowed me to negate certain guilt and fear energy that was harmful to my body and mind, forgive myself for making decisions that did not support me and my relationships with the people I respected and loved and come back to the present moment.

As people, we have this belief that if something bad happens, it is our fault and we continuously connect to these depressing thoughts. It creates a vicious cycle and almost an addiction to sadness, which is why people often have such a hard time getting over things. I hesitated to let go of these issues as well.

When I worked on myself with the help of Lana’s coaching, I realized that I don't have to give in to anything that does not make me happy. I can consciously chose relationships that feed the positive energy to my body until only positive energy is present in my relationships. It was such an organic and realistic approach! It really helped me pull myself out of the deep despair and low emotional states into more positive outlook and independence.

I learned to choose people and experiences that support me and forgive myself for limiting choices I still make sometimes. I finally met a person who deeply cares for me and we gave a birth to a beautiful baby boy. I am finding more joy in my life now and I am learning to be true to myself and follow my heart desires.

Thank you!”
Tanya Fingerov,

Jewerly Designer, Los Angeles, CA

From Heaviness and Density to Feeling Lighter and Making Changes

Women dealing with stress

"Although many people see me as a friendly and sociable person, I see myself as also having an introspective side that is very private and reserved. During my work with Lana, I have been able to open up and become aware of emotional blockages that have been bothering me for a while and get rid of them.more

At the beginning of the session when we spoke about my relationships with my father and older brothers, I felt a lot of sinus pressure that did not allow me to breathe freely. This was a chronic problem that I have experienced for many years. During the session, we talked about my upbringing a in a large family with a lot of siblings where I was the only girl. We discussed my longing for love and compassion that I did not fully experience in my family of origin. We also talked about my natural caring personality and the stress I was experiencing while attending to everybody’s needs and demands even though I loved doing it.

As the session went on, I felt a lot of heaviness leaving my body, particularly the dark density in my sinuses and the tension in my head that felt like a tight hat. I felt much lighter and was willing to make changes that would support my health. I understood the importance of giving attention and love to myself while I am giving my love and attention to others. I finally saw how everything was interconnected in my life and how my tendency to sacrifice myself in my current relationships can actually be detrimental not only for my health, but also for my family wellbeing in a future.

Lana has also helped me become more aware of what my body was saying to me. I have always had a strong sensitivity to certain foods (wheat, dairy) and our work together helped me improve my tolerance of these foods.

Also, I have had a problem feeling a burning heat in my face and neck. I did not know whether the source of this problem was physical or emotional, yet by working with Lana  the problem cleared up! I recommend Lana's sessions and workshops  to everyone!
Thank you, Lana!"

R.W. Teacher, Chicago

From Jealousy to Confidence and Compassion

Dating couples

"I went to see Lana with no expectations. She is a very easy person to talk to.
After talking to her for about 30 minutes and getting to the root of my problem, I felt better already.more

My big problem was that I was an extremely jealous person. Not towards other people, just my boyfriend. I used to get paranoid when he would talk to other girls on the phone or in person, because I used to automatically think that he was cheating on me.

During my session with Lana, I realized that what I was feeling was actually a very strong fear I grew up with because of my family situation. When I was very young, my father cheated on my mother and she was very sad and fearful of being left alove with the kids.

I felt to the very deep level of this fear and used Lana;s guidance to help me be OK with this or any other intense feelings I had. After my session the jealousy feeling went away. My boyfriend and I have gone out a few times since then. I saw him talking to other girls and I didn't care. I did not sit there and make up stories in my head.

I was surprised that I didn't worry or spent my night contemplating everything that was going on. Even now, when I think about it, it does not bother me at all. I am so much more confident and calm now. It was a quick and easy process and my fear did not hurt or bothered me ever again.

Thanks to Lana a, I do not have to deal with this "jealousy” issue anymore."

Regina, Chicago

From overweight and low self-esteem to happy marriage

Women seeking a relationship

Lana is a miracle worker!
I have been overweight for the majority of my life, and I had a terrible relationship with food. It was almost as if I craved food that was bad for me, and I had an urge to eat even when I was not hungry.more

At 20 years old, I decided that enough was enough. Working with me, Lana was able to pinpoint the issues related to my family outlook on body image. These negative programs were driving my emotional life and made me want to numb my feelings down. After my initial session with Lana, I became clear about what I want myself in regards to food and my weight and made decision to destroy my old habbits and create a life style that supports me.

Lana helped me to replace my old patterns with new and healthy ones. She also helped me to develop a healthy self-esteem, so I could start dating people that were right for me.  Shortly after I worked with Lana, I've met and I married my husband of five years.

I am very grateful for her helping me learn how to ask for what I want and what I need. I also understood how to speak up my truth while encouraging my husband to do the same. As a result of Lana's coaching, my husband and I share an incredibly open, honest, and fulfilling relationship. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Lana! Now that all of my negative thoughts have been eradicated, I find it much easier to create a lyfe style that makes us both feel good. I have never felt so free from negative thinking. Since my sessions with Lana, I have lost over 65 pounds, and I plan to continue enjoying  this healthy life style for the rest of my life.

Thank you Lana!

Michelle Renteria,
Sales and Marketing Manager, IL

Happily married since 2005

From Past Traumas to Super Healthy Choices

Women in complicated relationships

Lana's work is incredible. I was skeptical at first, but Lana's at skill guiding the process helped me take developmental leaps and eradicate negative habits or programming forever.more

She helped me over several hurdles I never thought I could overcome. My inner thinking about being in relationship and repeating my childhood patterns changed from negative programming to super healthy perceptions in each single session, allowing me a fresh outlook that was far reaching.

I believe many people are at the point in their healing of being mentally “past” their trauma, but emotionally old traumas are still somehow trapped in their body, shaping their unconscious thoughts, habits and decisions. Talk therapy alone seems not able to change this at a core level. From my own experience I know that it can be very frustrating!

Lana has several techniques that help eradicate buried residues of issues, negative habits and addictions quickly and effortlessly! It is actually fun to see your issues being dissolved so fast, despite the possible heaviness of some situations. She is such a delight and pleasure to work with, and she is definitely there for your optimal healing outcome.
I am currently working with PTSD American Veteran clients and their families. Because Lana is so precide and effective and helping people overcome their limitations and be more open, honest and intimate in their relationships, I recommend her to my clients all the time. I also incorporate the information and techniques she taught me into my program.

Nancy J. Phillips, Health Consultant and Ayurvedic Practitioner

I am a different person today and I need a change in our relation

Women seeking to end a relationship

“Dear Lana,
There are many new developments in my life that I wanted to share with you. For several days after our conversation I was feeling much better, however, I realized that I needed to say what I had to say to my husband for a long time. I wanted to talk with you about it first, and after our session I understood that I was ready. I couldn't hold it anymore.
I know that I don't love him anymore, and frankly, I don't think I ever did. I have grown to like him over the years, but I'm not in love with him and all his nagging, his negativity and his insecurities have been too much for me to handle. I told him straight out what I felt and he was of course shocked. I told him that I deeply care about him and I would be willing to go to your sessions with him or seek professional help of a marriage counselor if he was feeling it would serve him better. I'm still hopeful that we'll be able to stay connected in a positive manner for the sake of the kids, although I understand that he will not be willing to stay together because he doesn't believe in marriage without love.
Honestly, I'm not optimistic that staying together at this point would help our situation either. However, I feel that I have to give it a try at least even though I'm just "screaming" inside for independence. That is what I truly want. I'm just taking it a day at a timeas you tought me. It's not necessarily my husband, my friends or even a new lover that would make me happy at this point.
As we talked about the shift from co-dependency to independency to interdependency, I felt how much this was resonating with my personal shift. I think what happened over the years is my husband was taking care of a lot of things in my life all the time and I overgrew this way of living now. I need to do it myself to feel that I can. It's been a big issue for me. I know I'm capable of being independent and I just need to do it. The strangest thing is after feeling devastated, lost, confused, and really sorry for “doing this to my husband”, I finally feel GREAT inside.
I appreciate your assistance in helping me see the real issue behind my frustration and anger and understand what I really wanted! I now see that my need for relationships with other men outside of marriage was just a way to fulfill my desire for deeper connection, understanding and communication. Even though I had this longing, I never needed or truly allowed any sexual relationships outside of my marriage. That was not what I was looking for. I did not have an open intimate relationship at home, so I was always looking for understanding, companionship and feeling of camaraderie. That was what I was longing for and was able to find with others.
No one can or will make me happy, but myself!!! Thank you so much Lana. Whether I stay with my husband and work through our problems or not, the time will tell. But, I am a different person today and I need a change in our relationship, for certain.
After I became honest with myself during our session with you, I was able to communicate my need to complete the process in my family, I broke up with my “conversation partner”. It was his call. It was just the right thing to do at the moment. We both knew that marriage therapy would not be effective, if he would be in the picture. He is a great friend and he does not want to bear the responsibility for a broken marriage. He loves me and wishes for me to be happy. We both decided that we must move on and be open to the outcome that can best support everyone involved. I agreed, although I felt heart broken.
At the same time I know that I will be just fine because I feel like I am a much stronger person now. It's just hard on me because it's happening all at once. But it's for the best!
I will be present to all my feelings, trust my intuitive guidance and meditate just like you thought me. You have my permission to use any of our discussions in your publications without using my name. I hope it will help other people realize who they are and what they want as well.
I'll keep in touch, and definitely give you a call as I move forward.
Thanks again.

How One Family Event and Lana Changed My Life

Married couples

This March my dad had urgent quadruple bypass surgery. He never expected that he had a hart problem, but when he arrived to the hospital for angiogram procedure, it was determined that two of his arteries are 100% clogged and the third one is closed at 90%. The next day after 6.5 hours of surgery he was all right.more

When I spoke to surgeon after the surgery he told me that usually patients like my dad are being checked by pathology anatomists not by surgeons who are trying to save a patient. When I asked him, “How could it be? My dad never had a family history of hart related problems?”, he told me: “Your dad did not have any history, but you now have one!!!” He recommended me in near future go through some tests to check my condition. He didn’t have to tell me that. I was already scared to death. I was weighting 230 Lb and my cholesterol level was 236.

The truth is that our family emigrated from the former Soviet Union and the first time I’ve heard the word “Cholesterol” was long after my arrival to JFK. No one back in Soviet Union ever thought about cholesterol. I personally liked to eat. Of course it was a lot of fat foods because I thought that if the food is tasty it must be fatty. Some time before my dad’s urgent hospitalization, I realized that I started gaining weight without any control over the situation. My family doctor for the last two years was trying to prescribe some cholesterol reducing medications, but I refused to take them.

Soon after my dad recovered, I went to one of the Spiritual Adventure trips to Peru, organized by Lana Pritzker, whom I know as a friend, a coach and a healer for over 15 years. During this trip I shared my fears, concerns about my family and my personal health and a need for guidance with her. In response, she explained how my family situation may be addressed, showed me all the benefits of educating myself and my wife and parents about the challengies of our current life style, and making desicion to cleanse and nurture ourselves at every level. She offered me help in focusing my energy and efforts into an easy to follow program that I immediately accepted as my coaching program. It was especially easy because Lana is a role model in everything that she shares with others. I could already see the possible results by just looking at her and her family. For example, using this program her husband dropped his already low cholesterol level by 20 points. I thought that if even her husband, an athlete and Everest's Summitteer in a great physical form, can benefit from her coaching programs, it was really worth for me to give it a try.

Lana's program was a great experience for the whole family. She talked to each of us and helped us understand our individual goals and our collective family mission to create a lyfe style tat supported everyone of us while offering an expansion and personal growth. Both I and my wife decided to start the 30 days Wellness coaching program with Lana and it was the best investment we could possible make. Today, two months after we started the Wellness program, my wife looks younger and feels more excited about life. I am a tall man and I weigh 196 Lb, my cholesterol level is 176 (49 –good; 107-bad) and I feel great!!! My energy level is unlimited and my fears and inner conflicts about food and family related stress are gone. The best part of it was that we did it together and supported each other in feeling younger, healthier, and more energetic. This experience  brought us closer  together and made our connection even more intimate.

Thank you Lana for helping me feel vibrant, in control and inspired to take care of myself and my family.
Alex Nadel, Sr. Software Architect

A sacred code to access my higher self qualities

Married couples

I’ve met Svetlana in May of 2006 at the IONS Healing Center & Retreat in Petaluma. It was a joyful experience and our first meeting with Svetlana felt like a reunion of spiritual brother and sister. I asked Lana for a healing session to help me resolve some of my personal health issues and as well as issues with relationships in my family.more

During her session, Lana opened her “magic box” and helped me create positive vibrations in my personal energy field. She helped me find and re-pattern old conditioned responses to current stress. I also expressed my interest in finding and resolving some of my personal childhood issues that prevented me from experiencing my life to the fullest. These issues included traumatic experiences due to domestic violence that began before my conception. My mother was a rape victim that resulted in traumatic pregnancy and later in my life after arrival to this world.

These harsh experiences and the vibrations or fear, despair and anger were hardwired into my cellular memory through the symbiotic connection with my mother via the umbilical cord. This energy was broadcasting its own show in my life that manifested in unsuccessful first marriage, negative thinking patterns and feeling like I did not deserve to be here, living on Earth amongst my fellow humans.

Hosting a constricted way of life had pushed me to abandon myself and dedicate my life to serving others unconditionally to win my place in their hearts. I felt lost. I was longing for love and tried to find it by being a perfect slave, a model child, an honor student, the number one in everything. Being extremely efficient in everything, I was living under tremendous pressure, limiting my needs and desires in order to be loved. I was trying to please anyone who could reward me in anyway that satisfied my thirst for love, acceptance, kindness, nurturing, forgiveness and absolution. Fear, blame and shame patterns polluted my emotions and limited my ability to come out from my self induced prison and live my life joyfully, responsibly and fully expressing my gifts and talents.
I guess my ultimate question for Lana was how to mend a broken heart after almost 40 years of living under the shadow of these negative patterns.

It felt like Lana gave me a sacred code that helped me access some of the higher self qualities that where locked away before. The answer that came during the session was a revelation that expanded my perception of who I AM and what I AM here for. I understood that it was time for me to learn to live a life that is fearless, shameless and guilt free. This learning has taken me into a deeper appreciation of myself. Embracing life does not feel like chasing the rainbow anymore. I feel rainbow colors in my life and in my body. As I am melting away negative vibrations that used to keep me stuck in the darkness, hiding to avoid the pain and suffering of not having the right to exist or to belong anywhere, my true colors emerge, manifest and radiate from my heart. I am finding my self sharing these colors with others, interacting with people from an open heart and unconditionally love. This is my service to humanity.

Now, as I travel through life, I feel light as a feather, curious to discover the hidden treasures at the end of each rainbow. I am a happy husband of a beautiful wife and a father to two precious daughters. I am a healer, in service to the planet, a crystal alchemy shaman inspired to distill and share the elixirs and blessings manifested from the abundance of my heart. I am a loving protector of the ancient wisdom inherited from the elders who traveled our Universe since the beginning of time. The teachings that I offer are infused with the Unconditional Love and Spirit. My love for creation and the gifts of Earth, our mother, connects me to the Universe in harmony with all that was, is and will be.

Working with Lana has proven to be an amazing experience and a true revelation of my essence and self realization. Her ability to dissect the issues that hold the patterns of ADD and other negative patterns in place has indeed promoted a breakthrough that allowed me to tap into my powerhouse and manifest my latest work. I have created a registered trademark for Higher Self Education and a set of tools to teach others about the crystal alchemy by distilling vibrational healing qualities of the crystals and revealing their connections to our DNA structure.

In addition, the changes that I have experienced allowed me to reconnect with others by creating a non-profit organization to support the families of mining prospectors and Earth explorers. Our organization helps them share their wisdom and experience by teaching our students and community at large about the principles of hand mining, a lost mining practice that extracts crystals and mineral specimens manually by hand without using any type of explosives or heavy machinery.

By following this lost art of mining the Earth and the natural healing vibrational qualities of the crystals remain intact connecting people to the primal energy and hands on attunement to the wisdom and support of the Earth while they are learning to appreciate the gifts of mother nature by nurturing a sustainable way of living.
Lana continues to give by sharing her wisdom in her latest books. I must say that it was about time that someone published a good book on this topic in a way that was easy to understand and practical enough that anyone can benefit from reading it.

I specially like the way she teaches how to find a peace of mind in the middle of the turmoil, in society that it totally dependant on the use of chemical cures that do not deliver much help, but often block your natural resources to encourage ultimate healing.
My experience taught me to rely on the healing energy of nature that helped me fight back whenever I got sick. When I was a little child, my mother used to pump me with chemicals in order to fix my health problems. However, as I grew older, I have learned to work with my energetic response and a powerful nutrition to remain healthy and strong. I never use any drugs or chemical medicine to heal, but rather I stay connected to nature and heal naturally.

I most definitely use Lana's wise recommendations that have extended my repertory of ways to heal faster and achieve a state of wellness. Those who have had the privilege of speaking to Lana during personal sessions or trainings, have to agree with me that just by listening to her voice you get a relaxing feeling that promotes a healing experience. During my sessions, she helps me get centered and focused by reminding me of who I AM.

I recommend her books to everyone who is looking for a deeper connection with oneself because her work does wonders regardless of one’s background, culture or education. She is a true inspiration because she speaks from her heart in a very loving way and that is very rare to find nowadays.

Julio C Valenzuela,
Founder of SIDDHISUTRA?,
Certified Reiki Master specialized in Crystal Alchemy, Akashic Records, and Indigo Children.
www.handminerocks.com and www.siddhisutra.com

Direct pathway to the heart

Women seeking spiritual guidance

“Lana's work is a direct pathway to the heart.more

She has an extraordinary ability to get to the heart of the matter and illuminate each person's beauty. From this place of beauty and light, Lana reflects back what needs to be released with compassion and gentleness. One leaves her presence with a greater love for oneself and a deep gratitude for having the privilege of this incredible journey we call life.”

Lisa Lim, Transformational Coach and Business Consultant,
Los Angeles, CA

Realized my fullest potential

Women seeking a relationship

"I have met Lana Pritzker several years ago having found myself at crossroads of what is and what could be. At that time I was not aware that Lana would become a teacher, great friend and a Light Being in my life.more

We worked together on many levels, both privately and in seminars. Lana gives fully and unconditionally and she gives more than one can imagine and ask for. I am very excited about her books because the world needs to hear more from practitioners like Lana, who helps people realize their fullest potential and overcome anything that comes their way.

My life is full of bright colors again and things beyond your wildest imagination!
I found many ways to express my creative essence while being focused and productivein my work and loved, nurtured and appreciated in my personal engagements.

Congratulations on publishing your books and sharing your gifts with us.”

Anzhelica Shatrov,

Vice President, Mortgage Landing. Chicago IL

Astounded by how well you can read a person’s Energetics

Women seeking spiritual guidance

“The gift of your session was wonderful and I thank you deeply. This is the second time I have been astounded by how well you can read a person’s Energetics. There are aspects of my being that I felt you understood and helped me understand, which were almost always overlooked during  sessions with others.more

I also appreciated the clarity you offered regarding certain relationships in my life. Since the session, there has been an energetic opening in which aspects of my life (which felt very stuck for a while) started flowing again. The Divine Flow of our work together is a delight and I am truly grateful for your love, your heart, your inspiration and your energy.”


Pamela Arwine, Holistic Therapist
Founder of Healing with the Sound of Light

Love Journey

Men seeking a relationship

I have been experiencing changes in my life which Lana saw coming months prior. She has a gift of knowing people by their Innate design, able to see and share their full potential long before they realize who they are. By knowing this, Lana can really almost predict their future.more

Every time I lean to Lana for assistance, she is able to connect to a process I am going through and within minutes help me make sense from what was becoming a real concern. By listening to Lana’s input I am able to make a connection to what is really going on and make the necessary decisions.

Honestly, I see Lana as an Alchemist... practically able to transform her clients’ lives by taping into their essential self... the pure talents... their gifts.

Even today... a concern rose in my awareness and by consulting Lana, within a minute she was able to once again shine the light on the situation.

Whether my challenges where business, health, relations, self, Lana held the space for the transformation to take place. She is so in love with what she does! Just this past August we spoke of an issue and she rushed into her “laboratory”, excited to explore the topic revealing its dynamics. It was about my own Human Puzzle, a connection in which I've experienced a deep, sacral, sexual attraction but was ignorant of other dynamics and did not know how to fully engage and enjoy many other aspects of this forming relationship ...

Lana had a great insight and then e-mailed me a few pages of a document that helped me connect all of the dots of the dynamics of this relation... how it can rise to glory or explode to ruins. She was very accurate.

Here is a few lines from Lana's document:

Sacral Energy – The Power to Create
“We live in a word of Sacral struggle and submission. Our creative powers are often unconsciously jumbled by choices we make when feeling out of choices. We can change this situation by consciously noticing what drives us into the choices we make and directing the energy of our mind into creative powerful resource of the Sacral energy center allowing its full manifestation.

Every desire that comes from your heart needs to be incarnated on the material plane through the power of your creativity and full self-expression, through the earth energy presented as divine masculine aligned with divine feminine in your body. Notice when you are off balance and come to Unity within. That is manifestation of integrity in your own field that sets in the field of integrity around you as well.

Divine Male or Divine female energies are the life force energies that support our very core. They are not to be compromised in order to fit with others (males or females). A true power comes from the sacral center as energy expressed through Love without needing to prove you can love though sex or money. This power shows up as calm, confidence, competence... knowing, understanding, integrity.

Look for perfection in others and hold this space for others without needing to tell them anything... We are constantly in a process of collecting the pearls of wisdom. It take time and irritation of the new particle (idea, feeling, relationship) to be fully integrated in “the oysters” that we are and show up as a pearl. It takes a space (Love), a particle (your integrity) and a time (patience) for pearl to form fully. This a patent to creating pearls in your relationships

Be the pillar – the symbol of infinite patience. Invite people to play in the space of love, allowing them to be irritated or accepting of your integrity, promising them nothing as a reward (pearl) This way you find the people that do not sell themselves for money, but rather enjoy the power of connection that supports creating more power

Loving touch comes from both heart and sacral. This energy is often misread as a signal for sex. Staying in your heartfor men is often hard as it creates a feeling of weakness and triggers the need to defend yourself and your heart that is a message of many generations of men who went to war. It creates a deep inner unconscious need to protect and triggers a power that can both create life or kill it. Many men mistake this power for male power and many women mistake it for manliness.

Allowing the heart to feel the energy (not the story or the fear of war behind it) and simultaneously connecting to the energy of your body, the sacral area, gives you stability to deal with the energy created between people moment by moment. It is like allowing your sacral to emanate the heart energy and your heart to emanate sexual desire at the same time. This power can really support you in voicing your love, without the fear of rejection, at the level where love and sexual connection are blended in oneness.”

This is just the first page of 8 I received. What I have just realized as I was re-reading this, is that we had this conversation in August, but it actually has evolved into the work I am beginning to teach tomorrow. It is called “Conscious Awareness Transformation”.

Having this original conversation with Lana had opened the door for my personal expansion on this topicand aloowed me to communicate my truth from the sacral as a source... our co-creative core.

Lana tought me about how important it is to be consciously aware of the energy we constantly emanate and how it feeds o, our relationship, which is ur first baby. Being aware, we can interact in a WHOLE new dynamic in all our relations, intimately and sensually. I've even created a vesica pisces showing this dynamic of my relationship growing as a third consciousness is born with us, two people uniting as whole.

This is just one example how Lana was instrumental in my work. I am grounded, aligned to my purpose and I am beginning to teach. I've met a women of my dreams and just within few months we were married. Again thanks to Lana’s support helping me identify and become clear in mind, my relationships, my teaching niche and on my message that I am now able to teach to others.

Oskar Urbansky


Change occurs with support and with motivation.

Women dealing with stress

A glass of wine, a short nap, or even a pill can cure a few hours of suffering, but can’t escape the reality of anguish and distress. Change occurs slowly, with support, and with motivation. We can’t always be motivated on our own, or have the support of our family and friends. For this reason, I decided to get a Life Coach to help me deal with my anxiety, depression, and panic attacks.more

Lana Pritzker, a Certified Life Coach and Intuitive, helped me discover a whole new lifestyle and helped me overcome seemingly insolvable problems. With her guidance, I found ways to change my daily routines. She helped me cleanse my body and mind of toxins, which had profound implications in my life. After working with Lana, I found professional and personal success after struggling for months.

Reaching a point of despair, and yearning to get myself out of the rut I was in, I was interested in resolving deep rooted fears and other limitations hindering my success. A year and a half ago, I called Lana desperate for hope, a cure, and success. The results were far from what I expected. In the following months, due to the therapy received through our weekly phone sessions, the intensity of my panic significantly decreased as did my desire to stay in bed. Without traveling or medication, I triumphed from my safety zone, the house.

Lana’s strategies of determining my own soothing colors to run through the body, organizing my thoughts into compartments, and utilizing my sense of intuitiveness, helped me become more cognizant of my fears, my goals, and conscious awareness. On various occasions, she used other techniques which were also effective in contributing to my victory over anxiety.

Presently, I utilize Applied Behavior Analysis to teach students with Autism, am half-way done with my Master’s Degree in Counseling, and am taking graduate classes in Special Education. My fear of driving has been extinguished as I drive half an hour to and from work, an hour to graduate school, and run errands on my own. In addition, since getting engaged in December 2007, I have been planning a June 2009 wedding.
Through my sessions with Lana, she helped me overcome my fears by helping me realize what they were. Even though she resided in Chicago and I live in New Jersey, she still managed to teach me to trust my intuition and always act on it.

Jessica Lee,
Special Education teacher, New Jersey

Pathway to Transformation

Women seeking a relationship

Lana is knowledgeable, caring, loving, gentle yet a very strong being, who has enriched my life in many ways. She is a light that shines for many who is interested in changing their life for the better. She helps those who are interested in improving things around them, their health, relationships with your close ones, and mainly, and most importantly, relationship with yourself.more

Lana's session, for me, presents a very interesting experience. I can describe it as a soul massage. Working with the muscle of your life, going through the pains and the sores and coming out of it positive, peaceful, restful, powered up, ready to conquer or surrender and definitely filled up with joy.

Doing my session with Lana, has put me into “Pathway to Transformation”. It took me on a journey and reconnected me with ME, Tamara.

Thank you Lana. I am looking forward to more experiences with you

Tamara Bezman, Chicago, IL

Reaceful, consistent, more present

Women who are single parents

I loved working with Lana!
The session flowed, bringing forward exactly what I needed. We examined where my energy gets blocked (which sometimes shows up as my inability to express myself or feeling shut-down or less-than). Then Lana downloaded the new healthier state into my energy field. This was a subtle and sometimes powerful experience where I knew a big shift had occurred in me.more

Since my session, I have felt much more peaceful and able to move through life in a consistently positive way. I have been able to stay present and it feels like I'm thinking much more clearly. I recently went on vacation with my 11 year old son and his friend. We all got along very well, even with the stress of him waking up 5 times during the night to throw up.

It's pretty awesome that we felt that it was a great vacation even though it ended with this type of illness. I was able to stay calm and clear-headed throughout. "I couldn't have done this without you, Mom," was my son's response . Thank you Lana for helping me to create such a good life!

Lisa Shuwal,

Massage Therapist, Chicago, IL

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