The Body Knows: Love, Sex And The Law Of Attraction

The Law of Attraction rules your sex and love life. Take a wild road trip into your untamed nature


Being a little child is easy… You want something and you scream… Immediately everyone pays attention and you get what you want (just because your expression is loud, annoying and invokes pity and worry). Or you smile. You open those big magical child’s eyes and they melt anyone around you. And you get what you want.

Being a little child is simple… When you do not want something, you scream… Immediately everyone pays attention (just because you are loud, irritating and persistent) and they let you have it.


Being a little child is simple… You run away and hide behind the chair and “they” forget about you. You can easily change the rules of your game if it does not work for you. You can make new friends every day and let go of the ones that are “not fair”. You love them, you hate them, you forget about them at the end of the preschool day and are free to make new choices tomorrow.

Being an adult is not that straightforward. You have to fit, compete, perform. You have to know what is right and you cannot change the rules set up by your boss. You cannot scream, cry, or run away… Not all the time, anyway. You’d be called irresponsible. You’d be accused of being childish.


Being an adult is boring. You have to “be accountable and dependable” for others. When you feel like a lost child, you have to look like you know what is up, hide the truth and you go about your business of being an adult.

But the truth of being lost, unsatisfied, disconnected from your true desires never dies. It settles in your body and waits for you to grow up enough so you can look yourself in a eye and be 100% honest about it. Whatever you were creating without inner truth will eventually fall apart. Every hidden dissatisfaction, every repressed desire, every unsatisfied need starts coming to the surface in order for you to grow up and step into your full creative power.

Our longing starts with the fairytale of Unconditional Love. The love I am talking about is not about emotional experience or a label we use to name our desire for companionship. It does not require an action of caring, nurturing or needing to be taken care of.

Unconditional love is not a mental understanding and emotional forgiveness. This level of connection is not based on previous agreements and marital contracts with others or even yourself. I am talking about pure vibration, electricity, magnetism, gravity… a pure life force, energy of creation that could be measured as a wave form.


This energy is huge. It is a vitality of a spring flower rushing through the dirt. It is a force of Mother Nature destroying an old forest by fire. It is the Cosmic Mother washing her sloppy kids after millennia of playing in a mud.

This powerful energy awakens those who were unaware of being unaware and makes them wonder about their purpose. It also awakens those who are conscious about what a true love is about making them practical leaders, teachers, and role models of Love. But most importantly, this powerful experience awakens us to every aspect of our life that is off our kilter and makes us question what is ours and what is not.

A vibration of Love acts like Crazy Glue that binds people together. All of a sudden you find yourself falling in love and noticing how a warm tenderness moves through your body. The level of your experience depends on what you do next. Will you be looking for something similar in the past or will you allow this energy in motion to take you on a new journey? You may look for the reasons to connect, or for the danger signs that make you run away, or for the potentials tat allow you to fulfill your needs… You can also allow the Love magic to move you into NOW.

The closest experience of Unconditional Love is similar to being in love with your first grade teacher, wanting to marry your mom, or sharing your best treasures with your friend form a third grade.


As children, all we know about love between adults is a sexual expression and that is what may be happening in your life right now. You experience a deep longing and a need to be engaged with your sexual energy. At the same time, you can experience a vibration that is much bigger then anything you’ve ever experienced before.

The paradigm of our traditional relationship structures based on obligations, old contracts and guilt is crumbling. Our old marital rules are no longer sustainable because they were just coping mechanisms that allowed us to survive at the times of wars, economical struggles and personal dis-orientation. In the past we were willing to give in to the relationships that did not feed our body, mind and spirit. Currently a lot of us experience evolutionary impulse that takes us into more independent, more self-sustaining creative partnerships that allow us to be both wildly fulfilled and gently nurtured.

Our new understanding of what love means to us cannot be stopped unless we restrain ourselves through traditional ways of holding our true nature tamed. Our old coping strategies created a web of self-destruction, weakened our physical bodies, and generated an attraction filled of repression and denial. Our emotional system was overwhelmed with the feelings of shame and rejection, devastating our relationships with patterns of guilt and separation.

It is time for us to look into our deep seated longing for true Love, and experience an unconditional acceptance and pure unselfish connection with our wild divine nature.


Taking responsibility for your growing process

  • Listen to every unsatisfied emotional, physical and mental need that you are currently repressing.
  • Become transparent about your deeply hidden sadness, disappointment, and lost hopes, and move into seeing your habits of self-denial clearly. What are the true reasons for your hidden sadness, disappointment, and lost hopes?
  • Stop blaming others for what you are experiencing. Take your attention off how THEY did not give you what you wanted. Make yourself available to yourself. Use this is amazing opportunity to play a new game where you can change yourself into being resourceful, wise, and powerful force in your own life.
  • How old are you? Really?
  • Are you ready to let go an idea that someone should take care of you or be your surrogate parent. Become 100% aware about your ability to stand on your own feet without leaning on anyone else. This will help you grow rapidly.
  • Look into what you repressed and denied yourself. Notice if you carry any shame around it (feeling something is wrong with you, thinking you are not good enough, not fitting in). Shame is one of the first emotional patterns we experience as little kids. Our parents are rarely 100% aware that their parenting strategies are based on manipulating our behaviors by shaming, so when we are scared to be unloved and rejected, we criticize and shame ourselves and reject others before they reject us.
  • Shake your world, give yourself an experience of contrast, and make you feel alive. The more you hide form yourself, the less alive you feel. Eventually your survival instinct kicks in to save the day and you explode. Do not wait for explosion. Use your fire to cook your life to perfection.

You never fall in love with a person outside of yourself. You simply fall in love with someone who resonates with you. This self-recognition makes you breathe, smile and relax into being you while you are with your Love. You fall in love with the feeling of being free of repression, denial, shame, and rejection. Love yourself shamelessly, so you can love others boldly and never lose your just found Divinity again.

Love is about a Journey into your untamed nature. It is an amazing journey into your body. It is a passage of self permission, self sustainability and self admiration. It is also a pathway into your Soul through allowing yourself to be 100% honest about your wild nature … first with yourself and then with those that are close to you. It is a journey of intimate connection with your body that leads to recognition and allowing of the human needs to be fulfilled while your energy is being focused on Unconditional Love. Love is an exploration through which you are finding your self-worth, let go of greed and learn to stay present to vibrations of Love in every single moment.


 to be continued...

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