Cultivating The True Love: From Codependency To Self-Sufficiency

How do you shift from being co-dependent on your partner(s) into finding your way of being happy and powerful in your relationships and in the world? How can you be interdependent and enjoying co-creative process without falling into an old paradigm of  “I need you! I want you! I cannot live without you!"?

We often believe that we know how to and actually enjoy fixing other people’s problems. This single activity is one of the major relationship maker or breaker. The hardest thing for many people who are looking for a long term commitment or already living in a faithful relationship is to love someone enough to let them be just as they are. Even though we feel that we love unconditionally when we fall in love with someone, we soon forget what we loved about this person and go for “I Love you! Now Change!"

Today, traditional relationships of submissive, “mother” energy/controlling, “father” energy behaviors are over. Whether you realize it or not, our collective awareness of individual power is much bigger then ever in the past. We are no longer ashamed of being selfish and are learning how to communicate our true feelings and needs clearly to our partners, so we can BE and express ourselves fully. We understand that when we feel smaller then we are in relationship, it will not survive the test of time.

In this short video you will learn how you can stay powerful at your core while participating in ever expanding loving relationship of mutual support and developing a working model of self-sufficiency. Let people in your relationships grow up!

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