Depression: Caused By Chemicals Or Your Own Behavior?

Think you know everything about depression? Think again.

Depression: Caused By Chemicals Or Your Own Behavior? [EXPERT]

The common belief, when it comes to depression, is that it is something over which we have no control. Things happen, and we have no choice but to become depressed. Some have argued it's a disease with brain chemistry out of whack, and others believe there may be a genetic predisposition. I have a different theory based on my work with clients; my study of the legendary work of Dr. William Glasser and the subsequent development of my own process, called InsideOut Empowerment™.


InsideOut Empowerment tells us that all behavior is purposeful. There is nothing we do that isn't designed to get us something we want, including depression. I'm not saying this is a conscious plot on an individual's part to become depressed so he or she can accomplish some goal. The purpose of one's depressing is typically outside the person's awareness, however, it is there nonetheless. Ten Ways To Improve Your Mental Health EXPERT

Why is this so important? Because once a person recognizes he or she is subconsciously choosing to depress to accomplish a goal, then he or she can consciously choose something different once he or she understands how behavior works. Does Your Baby's Father Have Postpartum EXPERT


Think about the last time you were depressed or, if you've been depressed for a long period of time, think about when your depression started. Your creative system manufactured depression as a way of helping you to be successful. That may sound ludicrous to some because you are wondering how depression could possibly be helpful since it is so debilitating. Want To Know What Makes A Happy Relationship EXPERT

I'm not disputing the horrors of depression; they are many. However, there are also many benefits to depression. Here are some possibilities:

  • Gain attention;
  • Get help without having to ask for it;
  • Freedom from responsibilities;
  • Control or guilt other people into doing what you want;
  • Slow down life so you can plan a course of action;
  • Protection from homicidal or suicidal actions (when depressed you often don’t have the energy or clarity of thinking necessary to formulate a plan and carry it through);
  • Freedom from interacting with others who may disapprove of you and/or your actions.

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When people find themselves in situations they don't know how to handle, their creative system will come up with all kinds of interesting options. When this process happens consciously, a person can make a decision about what to do — whether to accept or reject the options presented. However, as is often the case in novel, emotionally charged cases, the conscious mind has nothing to do with the creative process.


The creative system begins to seek behaviors, options, that the person has already tried and if nothing seems appropriate to get what the person wants in the particular situation, then the creative system will manufacture options that have not been tried. When this happens out of a person's conscious awareness, the subconscious is in charge. Whatever option appears to be the one that will yield the best outcome will be implemented, including depression.

What about the chemical imbalance that is sometimes associated with depression? Medical model practitioners claim that lower serotonin levels are found in people who have depression. As I understand it, there is no medical test to determine the level of a person's serotonin. What is currently measured is a byproduct of serotonin usage.

However, I'm not arguing whether or not there are serotonin or any other chemical imbalances. There very well may be, however, I do not believe it's the imbalance that causes the depression. I believe that it's acting and thinking in a depressed way over time that creates the chemical imbalance. As is the case in many medical conditions, it's a person's actions that cause the problem, not the other way around.


So, what does this mean for you? If you or a loved one are suffering from depression, you may want to look at what you are attempting to gain through your depression. Understand you didn't knowingly or consciously choose depression so you are definitely not to blame. But, now that you know, you are responsible for continuing this choice or choosing something more effective. You must change you actions and your thinking to be in line with generating happiness if you want to stop being depressed. Please let me know how you make out. Overcoming Depression without Medication