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Kavita J Patel is a relationship expert, who helps women at a breaking point in their relationships. She creates love breakthroughs for those women who want to save their relationship, or creates clarity for those women wondering if they are settling. Kavita has mastered the art of simplifying the complex world of relationships. She firmly believes when a woman gets crystal clear in her intention for her relationship she will begin to attract her desired lifestyle including more money and a slimmer waistline.

Kavita has intuitively known helping woman in relationships was her calling in life after going through it all in her own relationship. She went through break up, to make up, married, close to divorce and is now in a deeply satisfying connected relationship after 11 years with the same man. From her experience she has created a 3-step process to helping women create outrageously happy relationships.

Kavita is the creator of the Outrageously Happy Relationship Mastery Program where she teaches women entrepreneurs how to heal their relationship wounds so they can refocus their energy towards turning their businesses into money making machines. To get Kavita’s free report: The Secret To Creating An Outrageously Happy Relationship That Nobody Tells You About visit her at https://www.yourtango.com/experts/kavitajpatel.

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