How Being A High-Value Woman Gets You The Relationship You Want

My book has reunited quite a few women with their exes. Here's one sharing in my private support group (you can be included with the purchase of my book or coaching programs) by Kristie: "I got my man back. He has all of the sudden gotten very serious. Moving back in, wanting to get married and buy a house together etc. I am letting him move back in but holding off on the rest for now. Leaning back works, and moving on works. But now that he's back, and living with me, how do I keep it fresh? And make sure it will work before I commit to the rest? This is our second go round living together. Don't want to make the same mistakes, and I know so much more after reading Kat's material. But I want to keep our relationship fresh and exciting. We both work 12 hour days, and I have 3 kids at home, so it's so easy to quickly get in a rut.

We never really went without contact, a week or two at the most. The longest we went without seeing each other was a month or so I think but we were always in touch with each other just not daily or on regular intervals like before. We got back together about 10 months ago, only after I started dating someone else and refused to see him at all for a while, but we still talked. It was very up and down and we broke it off again at the end of January right when I bought Kat’s book.

I began reading her material, and putting it into practice when possible (and trust me I was doing EVERYTHING wrong!!!). We never really stopped talking or seeing each other at least now and then after the 2nd break up.  And I went on dates with other men, joined a gym, changed jobs and started working more hours and really just focused on myself and my kids. Totally practiced leaning back and mirroring. I told him that I was dating others one night during a conversation and he seemed cool with it. But he has latched onto me since. I have had my reservations about his motives of course. But just thoroughly enjoying the attention from him. We went to a work function of his last night and several of his co-workers told me he told them he was a changed man and was going to marry me. Keep reading...

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It is very hard to put into practice things that you learn, it's just natural to go back to instinctual behaviors when upset, but I was horrible to this man, I turned him into a frog! I really did.  And these tendencies still surface, I am very insecure, I can see it in all areas of my life actually. I'm afraid the old me will surface and push him away again. But I have come a long way.  I will keep reading and learning and working on building my own confidence. Kat’s material is amazing, and spot on.  It is almost an instant change in their behaviors when you put it into full practice. I won't stop learning and growing with or without this man!!"

UPDATE:  Kristie is now happily married 6 months after the reconciliation.

Kirstie's story is far too uncommon.  Women push men away by their pushy, controlling and needy behaviors driven by their insecurities and expectations (and then they call them emotionall unavailable!).  The Gremlins in their head -or I'd like call them Debbie Downer as well-  take control and things go downhill from there.

Relationship issues mainly stem from relationship issues we have with ourselves.  When we come into a relationship expecting our partner to fill a void in us, the likelihood is that relationship will crumble before too long.  

To get your relationship back on track -or your ex back- first and foremost you need to get yourself back.  Get back to that old self of yours that made him fall in love with you in the first place before Debbie Downer took over.

The principle I teach is to make every relationship you have -casual or committed- as your training ground.  As an avenue for personal growth.  As a catalyst to your healing for every issue that holds you back.  You can't do it alone, or at the very least the process will be much faster when you have someone holding a mirror in your face so you can see all the flaws and ugliness you put out yourself. Once you see them and bring them to awareness, you can start working on them. Nothing can help you better in this than relationship(s).

The method I teach makes you a high-value woman.  To me this is a definition of a high-value woman: "A high-value woman is sought after. She doesn't yearn for commitment because she knows her commitment is the best thing a man can have.  A high-value woman also loves her life as it is. She sees love everywhere and welcomes love from everywhere and that love adds to her value further. She sees the glass half-full, instead of half-empty.  She's not desperate by any means."

A high-value woman knows how to seduce a man with her feminine mystique.

What guy doesn't love the ever-positive energy she projects to the world? What guy can shun such a powerful feminine presence and radiance?  What guy can resist a seductive woman whose only power if her feminine presence? Keep reading...

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Debbie Downer focuses on lack and what she doesn't have.  A high-value woman focuses on the abundance and bountifulness of her life and what she does have. What you focus on expands.  Focus on lack and you will see crumbs and be brought down by the resentment and/or self-pity. Focus on gratitude of what you have and you will inspire love, adoration -and commitment- from the man you love (and use these magic words, he will be so addicted to your feminine charm).

Make him feel great around you at all time by bringing out your best self, there is no reason for him not to want to have you for the rest of his life.  Do the exact opposite, he'll run faster than a scared deer.

It's as simple as that.  

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Don't worry about finding the right man. Be the right woman, the rest will take care of itself.  Once you become high-value, you won't stay single for very long.  Every guy who finds you attractive will want to be with you.  This is exactly why my method works and I have proven it myself with the healthy relationship I am in. My boyfriend claimed me even before I was ready because he just couldn't wait. (Sign up for my Leaning Back And Cultivating Feminine Mystique Workshop to learn more)

It works because it's not about manipulation and it's not about hunting for a relationship or a partner.  Finding a partner is just the amazing "side effect" of being fabulous and desirable. It's about personal growth first and foremost.  It's about making yourself the best, sanest, feminine woman a man can have.

My method works because it's process oriented which is feminine-energy based, instead of goal oriented which is masculine-energy based. I don't teach how to seek commitment. I teach how to let yourself be claimed by a worthy man by being a high-value woman.  The stance of seeking commitment rarely works because her energy collides with his.  

A high-value woman is never short of options because she is sought after. She in fact doesn't rush commitment because she observes...observes and observes and is in the moment and not ahead of him. So no, she is never stuck. By definition, it's not the trait of a high-value woman. She see things as they are. She doesn't fall for an idea of a man which many women do, hence the demand for commitment long before they know these guys.

A high-value woman can walk away from a guy knowing a hundred others would love to have her affection -and he knows this fact very well. There is no ounce of neediness or unrequited love in her. She doesn't need to convince him. In fact he'll need to convince her not to walk away.

A lot of things in your love life will change dramatically if you have this notion in your mind, ladies.

When you have been the best you can be and you have done all the right things, you always know what to do next because you're never running out of options.  You don't have to throw ultimatums, cajole, pledge or convince a man to commit to you ever again because the realization that he can lose you anytime thanks to your high desirability factor will send a shiver down his spine.  By being the best you can be, you naturally won't tolerate crummy behaviors.  

He knows -and you know- that you can walk away anytime when it becomes necessary.  You don't need to nag to be heard.  Both of you know, though he leads, you are the actual Queen.  You will be so secure that you won't have a problem walking away knowing that he will feel A GREAT LOSS; knowing that he will have sleepless nights thinking that he may never find a woman like this ever again!!

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