Shocker! Men Want To Date Women Their Own Age

Maybe he doesn't really want a trophy wife.

Older Men Dating Women Their Age

As a matchmaker, I often have beautiful, talented, magnificent single female clients in their fifties, who often miss out on the opportunity to date their equally remarkable gentlemen contemporaries. Why? Because those men believe that they should be dating younger women.

Recently, however, I have been noticing a new trend: grown-up men who have discovered that dating their contemporaries is a smart decision. For instance, take my clients Mike (66) and Caroline (68) who have been in love for seven years. Here are all the reasons that he appreciates her — and her age.

  1. They get to grow old together and laugh together about their aging bodies. He feels less self-conscious about his wrinkles and his thinning hair, since they are in the same boat. And he's delighted that she's already been through the dreaded menopausal years.
  2. He feels good knowing that he didn't partner with a woman who is likely to outlive him by a longshot. Take a stroll through any nursing home to see the reality, which is that women live longer than men do. So a senior single man who insists on dating much younger women is demonstrating a huge lack of compassion for her. He's essentially asking her to sign up for a decade or two of loneliness. Mike's glad he didn't do that to Caroline.
  3. He gets lots more respect from his friends and family for having partnered with Caroline. He took all kinds of heat from his adult kids and his female colleagues at work when he was dating much younger hotties after his divorce. He said that his relationship with his daughter really suffered during those years, and he got tired of watching eyes roll when he walked into a party with one Barbie Doll after another.
  4. Mike loves the comfort, respect, and appreciation he gets from Caroline. He says that the younger women he dated took him for granted. He finds that the women who date much older men are typically women who either have a Daddy Complex or who want to take advantage of his affluent lifestyle. Neither is good, he says.
  5. He compromised on nothing. Caroline is beautiful, they have hot, steamy sex, their passions, activities and values line up beautifully, and they're in the same phase of life, which is semi-retirement. They have lots of time for travel, being with their grandchildren and acting like kids themselves again. He calls Caroline the love of his life.

Ladies, rest assured that more and more mature men are waking up to the reality that dating a contemporary is a smart decision. Take advantage of this new trend in dating by keeping yourself in great shape. A man absolutely needs to be attracted to a woman or he can't and won't court her. Take great care of your skin, your body and your youthful, positive spirit so you'll have a chance to catch his eye and hold his attention. And when he asks you your age, just say with a twinkle in your eye what my amazing mother-in-law always did:"I'm Plenty One!"


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