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Author, Consultant, Health Coach, Life Coach, Mentor, Personal Trainer, Speaker/Presenter, Spiritual Coach, Weight Loss Coach

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Western culture tends to consider the mind and body to be two independent systems. On the contrary; physical activity and a healthy diet is critical to the way we think, the way we feel, and therefore, the way we function.

About Judy Molinaro

Hi and welcome! I'm Judy Molinaro, wellness coach and master yoga instructor.  My passion and commitment is to you and your overall well-being. I will introduce you to an integrated approach to wellness to make sustainable health and fitness transformations in your personal and professional life. I take a down-to-earth, straight-talk, no-nonsense approach to your personal challenges; I'm here to encourage you to walk the walk and compel you to look your self-imposed limitations in the eyes and defy them.

  • Imagine for a moment how empowering it would be to master control of your impulses and move forward to maximize your mental health, nutritional needs and physical stamina.
  • How would it feel to be better able to align your work day with your home life, moving from just existing in life to living one of abundance, security and happiness?
  • What would it be like to surrender to the belief that a few simple habits practiced daily would lead to an increase in performance and productivity in your personal and professional life?

For individuals who are seeking to improve their life experiences, I offer you 1:1 wellness coaching. I will help guide you on your journey and provide you the tools necessary to take back control and put you in the driver's seat. Remember that your success in anything is not accidental, it's intentional. I will ask you to outlaw the words 'I can't' and help you celebrate the words 'I can'.

Through my company, Fit You Wellness Solutions, I team up with event coordinators to share over three decades of experience in the fitness industry as a yoga instructor and workshop facilitator. My interactive presentations are creative and spirited; always keeping the audience entertained and involved. All programs are custom designed to meet your needs and targeted outcomes; being a catalyst in the evolution and growth of your business.

I have expanded my performance programs to include a fundraising component. Collaborating with non-profit agencies to create unique fundraising campaigns, I hope to deepen the connection of companies to their community by rallying civic minded people around causes of social good. When I find myself saying "someone should do something about that," I want to be that someone.

Growing up in New England, a full-blooded Italian girl, in a large, extended family, if we weren't preparing food or eating food, we were talking about food.

I learned to cook and gained a great appreciation for fresh, home-cooked ingredients as a young girl in the kitchen of my 'Grammy' Raffaella; whose apron strings I could always be found hanging onto. It was nearly 40 years ago as a college student I became interested in exercise and the many modalities of physical and mental fitness. I walked into the gym a novice and walked out a master yoga teacher, nutrition counselor, and certified fitness trainer.

If you have questions on how I can help you integrate a straightforward wellness plan into your busy life, please feel free to contact me by email at judy@judymolinaro.com or call me at 386-871-0582.

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