21 Positive Affirmations That Will Help You Make More Money

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How To Make More Money Using Positive Affirmations To Manifest Success

If you're wondering how to make money so you can create a more meaningful life, using positive affirmations can get you right on track.

Sure, there are many ways to make money, but if you make these affirmations a part of any practice that you choose, they will help you to level up your money mindset and manifest your goals and intentions. 

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Through these positive manifestations, you can go deeper into this practice and make affirmations for success a part of a daily focused ritual for yourself. Read through all of them and notice which ones jump out at you as being the most helpful at this time.

An exercise I give to my clients is to create a daily focused ritual for yourself and your money goals each morning, as you start your day, practice saying your chosen power thoughts out loud for at least 15 minutes and feel their energy penetrate your consciousness and radiate out into the universe.

You can also use these in your journal with candle work or turn them into graphics and use them as a screen saver on your phone.

How ever you use them, make sure that it feels good for you. Know that as you repeat an affirmation, you are planting seeds in the soil of your mind that will without a doubt, blossom into flowers of experiences in your life. 

You can also adjust the language with any of these affirmations to be more comfortable for you. 

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With that said, here are 21 daily positive affirmations that will help you make money.

1. "It is safe for me to receive payment for my services, I accept money with ease and gratitude."

2. "I deserve to be well paid for what I do, I allow myself to do well."

3. "I easily earn (insert desired amount) a month while helping people in a big way."

4. "I release any guilt around charging well for my time and energy and know that by doing so, I am setting a strong example for those around me."

5. "I love receiving money and allow others to do the same."

6. "I work with my ideal clients and customers with ease."

7. "It is safe for me to increase my income."

8. "I forgive myself for any perceived mistakes around money and allow myself to move forward into ease and abundance."

9. "I trust myself to handle money well."

10. "I help my clients in a big way and am paid in a big way. everyone experiences abundance."

11. "I release any sense of competition, I allow myself to experience prosperity in ways that are meaningful to me."

12. "I choose to see myself as powerful, capable and brilliant."

13. "I give myself permission to take action on my money goals."

14. "I love receiving money from expected and unexpected sources, I am open to surprises from the universe."

15. "I release the need to procrastinate and choose to go straight into powerful action."

16. "The universe is an infinite supply of abundance that I can choose to draw from at any time."

17. "I give myself permission to have strong money boundaries and to stick to them with ease and grace."

18. "I love receiving money and using it to create good in my life and the lives of others."

19. "I release the need to work for free or undercharge, I respect myself and charge well for my time and energy."

20. "It is safe for me to achieve my money goals in easy and fun ways. I release any belief in struggle and allow making money to be fun for me."

21. "It is safe for me to be financially comfortable, to have enough and to experience comfort and ease."

However you choose to use this list of affirmations, the intention is to create powerful change in your life that is meaningful for you. 

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Joseph James is a business mentor and income coach who focuses on mindset work with practical next steps, advice, and strategy to help clients make changes that are meaningful for them. If you'd like to learn more about creating a daily focused ritual for yourself, check out his Manifest like a BOSS program or apply for private mentoring.