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About Joan Jerkovich

Joan Jerkovich is a Board Certified Coach, who is host of "The Joan Jerkovich Show" for AM talk radio. She takes callers for Life Coaching from across the nation and from other countries. In addition to talking with callers on her show, she presents educational commentary on the topics the callers bring to the show. These topics range from relationships, sexuality, career, business, health and spirituality. As she often says, no topic is off limits.

In her show archives, which are located on her website JoanJerkovich.com, Joan has a large library of blogs, radio podcasts and videos that cover the topics driven by her show and callers. There is hardly a topic that hasn't been covered on her radio talk show and in her blogs.

In addition, writing in an advice column style, Joan answers questions from her followers that are submitted via her website. She gives them common sense advice that is often laced with light hearted humor. Along with her unique brand of advice, she posts relevant Life Coaching questions. The questions follow Life Coaching principles where the premise of Coaching is to help others uncover their own answers.

Her own personal way of journaling, which is to write quotes, has been turned in to a gallery of quotes. Joan's quotes are set against the picturesque skies found in her husbands fine art photographs. These quotes have garnered Joan a large following on Twitter where her quotes are often retweeted.

Following a life long interest in screenwriting and filmmaking, Joan has written four screenplays and worked as an independent film producer. She is keeping her interest in the art of filmmaking alive by founding and managing her own nonprofit film production company, called Soul Bloom Productions.  The mission of her nonprofit is to help filmmakers and videographers get their empowering, inspiring, and educational messages and stories told. A trademark of Soul Bloom Productions is their "Blooms". These are 60-second video shorts in which others post and share their own inspiring and empowering messages.

Besides working in radio and film, Joan is a Registered Nurse and Licensed Nursing Home Administrator. She is owner of an Assisted Living Facility, Dignity Care Home

She makes her home in Salina, Kansas, with her husband Dr. George Jerkovich.  George is a psychiatrist and regionally acclaimed fine arts photographer. Together they have six children and a daughter-in-law.

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