The One Thing That Will Make Your Online Dating Profile Stand Out

It's hard meeting nice guys online, but it IS possible.


Of course, it is well known that the pictures you select for your online dating profile are the first point of attraction. Be sure to choose current, honest and appropriately attractive pictures. Meaning for women, no deceiving selfie angles, and men, please stop the madness of the shirtless photos in the mirror. Your profile, however, is going to determine if he/she contacts you or responds to your message.


Writing an online profile is one of the first places you can showcase your personality for that dream catch who is checking you out online. Sadly enough, many women opt for being either too serious, too sexy, or, without realizing it, too boring. Many men end up showing their relationship war wounds, low self-esteem, or they have a profile so brief, that it is truly difficult to gauge if he has any interest in dating at all.

Essentially, your profile draws a picture of what it's like to spend time with you, and what it feels like to be around you. People often fill online dating profiles with simple, overused adjectives and generic activities that do not translate the feeling of being around you. This not only leads to a profile like thousands of others, but it also minimizes your opportunity for more high quality romantic partners. Boring profiles are more likely to attract boring, no connection, and even crazy matches. But why?


In online dating, we make a decision on a person based on three things:

  1. Does this person seems like someone we'd be attracted to on many levels?
  2. Can we see ourselves in the other person's life, and vice versa?
  3. Would this person possibly be interested in me?

The number one thing you can do to create a profile that sets you apart is to include your enthusiasm about your own life. This enthusiam clearly demonstrates your self-worth which will repel boring, no connection and crazy matches.

Imagine your dream catch sitting across the table from you. Don't talk AT the person, tell them instead what you want them know about you. Don't be afraid to tell a personal story about yourself, or to use your words to draw a picture. This works well for both genders—men are highly visual and women love the effort.

You don't have to over do it, but this isn't the place to be blasé either. Let your playful side out, and talk to your dream catch in your profile. Your enthusiasm and playfulness are the top two most attractive attributes you can share in the online dating process.


No worries, they'll get plenty of opportunities to meet Mr./Ms. Serious, Sexy, Responsible, and Great Parent. In fact, you are more than welcome to include them, as long as you can do it enthusiastically and playfully. Getting this piece right will (at least) triple the amount of high quality and genuinely romantic messages or responses you receive.