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About Jenn Burton

Jenn Burton is the creator of HaveHimYourWay.com, HappyHealthyAndHotSociety.com, and Romantic Fairy Godmomma for Smart Successful Single Women all around the world.

After years of dysfunctional relationships and crappy dating experiences, Jenn decided to take matters into her  own hands by developing a dating method to create the most magical adventures that lead to love. Jenn has successfully taught single professional women from around the globe how to create the love life they are secretly wishing for step by step, while never compromising their genuine self.

Biweekly (sometimes weekly) Jenn helps Smart BUSY Women like you remove the stumbling blocks that are keeping you from magical romance with her Fairy Dust Fridays. Click HERE to have yours delivered for FREE.  

As a curvy woman whose weight fluctuated for years, she intricately understands how weight/body image issues can get in the way of life and love. She finally stopped the madness in her own life when she discovered the power of the 3 H's... HAPPY HEALTHY AND HOT. Happy Healthy And Hot Society was born to help other women uncover and remedy their own struggles with weight and body images issues FOR GOOD. 

These days, Jenn exclusively works with women who want it all: career, success, & to be loved, adored & romanced... She can show you how to draw in stable, fun, witty, loving men that you will be insanely attracted to or help you uncover your happy, healthy, and hot. Magic included, no evil step sisters required.

Jenn lives in Houston, Texas, with her husband and their gorgeous daughter.

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