The Science Of Being Happy

What does it mean to be happy?


Even though so many of us bandy words with ease,  our feelings often get buried without expression,  then we doubt that happiness is for us.  Is it possible to be responsible and stand in the light of happy? The very word tastes like froth in the mouth and yet paralyzes us in fear.   Happy beckons and we settle for being just okay some of the time, because that is all we deserve. Why is it easier to believe we are worthy of unhappiness, sucked into the pressure of not measuring up, while resenting renting that space?  Society says happiness is an illusion, a crock at an impossible end of the rainbow.


Does that mean happy is only for a fortunate few?

I believe there is a highway to happy, and anyone can walk that road. It will probably take work, since that dreary boxed in state of unhappy didn't just happen. It took time and lots of energy, and no doubt is still draining your resources. If you are willing to accept a different kind of responsibility, not the one you have been force fed since birth about keeping everyone else happy. That is the crock that won't color a rainbow plus the comfort of owning that life sucks.  Responding to your needs and nature means honoring who you are as a creative force, that vibrant voice that expands your personality, and requires a terrifying leap of faith.   Are you willing to jump without a safety net?


The answer lies within the word Happy.

I am talking about the power of numbers. Every word has a vibration and a meaning, relating to a specific equation and root number. Take the word — Happy — using the Pythagorean system of numerology — where every letter follows the alphabet, so A=1, B=2, and so on, happy adds up to 30.   Not only is 30 a number that vibrates to sprinkling happiness everywhere it goes, its root number is 3, which is in the emotional triad, which means it runs on feelings.  Being happy requires you to know your feelings and express your inner creativity and let the emotional cat out of the bag.  Three is the number of the child, birth and self expression. Imagine arriving at work, and your boss says don your apron we are going to make a mess, splatter paint, find your groove and birth your joy. That is the energy of three: joyful and electrifying.

What does it take to create your sense of happy? 

The very mood speaks of courage and a willingness to leave behind those who hesitate or judge. Because happy can't exist without room to express.   This article in the Mail Online quotes — " one third of people struggle to cope at work, because of depression, stress or burn finds. "  Wow talk about the magic of numbers.  Happy vibrates to a number filled with artistic talent and expression. It represents the completion of projects, celebration and happiness. The 30 need to be expressed manifests in either positive or not so positive ways, and here we have one third - 1/3 struggling to cope at work.  Once more the three is at play, reminding us that because there is no play people struggle, to be heard, know who they are, or to feel anything that won't get them into trouble.  That struggle shuts them down at work and at home.


The 30 with it's need for self expression repressed. Which translates into anger; when you can't say what you need to, anger bubbles to the surface.  Since our society fears anger, most of us bottle it all inside us, and that leads to  repression and depression.

The very word de-pression is about lack of expression. Pushing down or denying the voice, living in silence. Many of us live in a cesspool of hidden rage, poisoning our bodies, minds and hearts so we can fit in and be accepted. Suppressing the flow of spontaneous self, because it could make us a fool of us.  Silence of the soul is death in life, and a familiar to at least a third of us. So happy at 30/3 asks us to find and master a creative form of self expression, including  surrounding ourselves with beauty and inspiration so we can explore and express happiness.  The “0” provides divine protection, which means if you jump a bridge will appear.

Let us further examine the numbers to get to the true requirements of happy.

It is five letters.  The number five sits on a rocker.  It is all about change and freedom. Five is open on both sides and requires flexibility, versatility.  Yes, Happy demands freedom and an open mind.  You might think of it as an adventure.


What else does happy tell us? 

Dissecting each letter in this vibrational equation. gives us the bigger picture of what happy needs. The first letter H vibrates at 8.  Both capital H and 8 are equal on the top and bottom.  There is structure and continuity — as above, so below.  Balance in leadership is key and 8 is the wealth number. It is about richness and making things real, following the symbol of infinity, inherent in this number.  Once you find the secret sauce in happy, maintenance is required to keep the flow going.  There is no abundance without wealth and the wealth begins within.  You are the source of your power. says eight, the leadership number, of realizing dreams as a team.  Many successful athletes are 8's because success demands constant practice and renewal, learning by doing.  The letter H illustrates how much standing on your own feet is needed to create balance and truth.  That truth gives you strength.

A is the Alpha, first, new beginnings, and ideas.  Happy needs focus on number one to keep going.  The A reminds us that you are in charge of choice, decision and vision.   Lead with what excites and brings you joy, like the letter A stand firm in the shape. The double P offers divine protection.   Happiness needs protecting because it can be a fragile shell.  P vibrates at number 7, the number of education, philosophy and adhering to your own truth.  Double 7 double truth.  The seeker, the loner, the lover of nature.   A number  grounded into earth, that is inspired by lightning strike intuition that will shift you from the past to the present.  P has a firm line into the ground and a plump well rounded reserve, so you know your place, and your worth.  and the Y?  that begins Yes - is also a 7.  Surefooted with a valley deep to the belly to hold and filter your knowledge into wisdom.


The 3 sevens remind you that in order to be happy you need to know and fully engage in what counts lights your spark and engages your heart.   The journey of happy requires that you lead from within, it is deep and light, big and small, internal and external.  Examining what shows up, listening, engaging and finding the stillness within your core.  The recipe for happy has three (another 3!) sevens, and one eight which adds up to 30.   Three with a zero.  More divine protection, more love, everything and nothing.   An emotional expression made real.

If happiness eludes you because you need more practice finding your voice, consider an Akashic Session to heal your voice, with Jen Duchene, Akashic Reader and Astro-numerologist, guiding women to the joy in the deeper meaning of their life.