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Many women feel like they are living in a fog, trying to make sense of of their to do list. So many people to please, so little time and energy to do it in.

Does it ever feel like you are living in a fog?  Exhausted and overwhelmed because your to do list never ends, and as hard as you try, nothing seems to change?
It can feel like there never is enough time to make sense of it all, let alone try to fix any of it.

Maybe the question that has you up in a sweat at night is how can you heal old wounds that keep bleeding?  
Perhaps you worry about what need to do to mend a broken relationship,

or perhaps you just want to figure out what you really want.

All you know is that life hurts, and somehow you have become the invisible woman.

No one sees you, hears you, or helps you. In spite of all the people in your life you feel alone.  What would people do if they knew how you really felt?  Would you lose your friends and family if you were honest?  If you said no to those endless demands of your time, would you get in trouble?   
So many questions and fears. No safe answers.  Who are you really?  Does it feels like a lifetime since you laughed just for the joy of it, or enjoyed the simple pleasure of being around those you love, without angst?  

You want to smile again, you are just not sure how.

My name is Jen Duchene,  I help tired foggy women get their energy and vitality back using simple doable steps.  I know your story because that was something like my story.  On the outside my life looked perfect.  I had it all covered. Wife, mother, daughter, friend, employee, but inside, I was a hot mess.   It got so bad I could barely drag myself out of bed in the morning, overwhelmed by helping everyone else, drowning under my to do list.

I never had a moment where I felt my life was mine.
In my desperation I reached out and got help.  I discovered there was nothing wrong with me, I wasn't broken, I just needed some guidance to find my inner strength and wisdom.  I broke my silence to ask for help, and I know how tough it is to fear looking weak. Here is the kicker  -Breaking that silence didn't make me weaker, it made me stronger.  Now I know who I am, what I want and I know how to ask for it.  I laugh easily and enjoy spending time with my family and friends, without guilt.  Do you know I did not lose any friends or hurt my family by clearing the fog, and now I have time to do what I love, and help those I love.   I followed my true heart, and now I guide my clients to their heart's truth.   I use both learned and intuitive practices. You come into the world hardwired with a personal code to guide you. My job is to translate that code so you can do what you came here to do, with ease.  I give you answers, practical solutions you can take, and I hold up a mirror for you to see the courage and love within in you.

My client Sara came to me because she was in fog and fear about her next steps in her life and career.  She had always been responsible and worked hard.  Now she needed help to get focused.  After one reading she found the answer and shared this:

'I had a reading given by Jen over the phone. I have never had a reading before, ever. The time and space was surrounded by an aura, I surrendered it all (the tension, expectations, busy thoughts) to Jen and she guided me through an hour of heightened awareness. I like to think of myself as a woman of heightened awareness, but she drew out things that I didn't know were stirring underneath - yes, that's the way to say it. The reading ended with solid ideas, smart ideas, simple but profound, to improve my life - things that are completely doable, that I should have know to do but didn't and that are all right on target.'

Our work will fast track your healing and bring out the deeper level of YOU. 

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Jen Duchene is an internationally acclaimed speaker, Akashic Reader, Astro-Numerologist, Author and Sacred Design Expert

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