3 Secrets To Winning The Heart Of A Good Man — And Making Him Fall In Love With You

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When you finally meet a good man, you’re excited. The anticipation gets you thinking about what’s possible for the future of your relationship and causes you to start looking for ways to create an attraction so deep that you'll win his heart for keeps. 

So what do men want in a relationship? It's simple really. 

Here are three ways to win — and keep — a good man’s heart:

1. Show him respect.

It’s not that good men don't want sex. They do and that’s a good thing. But what they want more than sex is respect, and a good man will be more than willing to earn it.

The question to ask is what makes a man feel respected? The answer is simple — just ask him for his thoughts, suggestions, and ideas! For example, you could say, "I’ve been wondering how to do XYZ. What do you think?"

You want to be with a man you can look up to, and this can only happen with a man you respect. Men know this, and that's why earning your respect so important to them — and critical for building a lasting relationship. When you respect him, he knows he can trust you.

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2. Tell him you appreciate him for all he is and does.

Appreciation is a huge secret to winning a good man’s heart. If you appreciate what he does, he will do more of it. Men, hard-wired to be providers, fall in love when they give. When you appreciate what he gives you, he can’t help but open his heart.

Men are also wired for sound. "Thank you" is all they need to hear to be inspired. It gives them a sense of accomplishment because, in their hearts, they thrive on giving you what makes you happy. In a man’s world, appreciation can never be overdone. They never tire of hearing your words of kindness, and it will create a foundation for him to build upon with you.

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3. Admire him fiercely.

Most women are not aware of what fuel they can give to men. Your admiration can inspire a good man to become the man he wants to be. When you admire certain aspects of him (i.e. his intelligence, his sense of humor, and his productivity) and tell him, he comes to life.

That's because your admiration inspires a good man to have a sense of purpose that is larger than himself. When it comes from you, a good man will see you as an important part of his life and someone he wants to build that life with.

Showing your admiration regularly is a tremendous gift you can give to man, but only give it to a man you truly admire. When you do, it will inspire him to no end and open his heart.

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These are the secrets to a good man’s heart. 

Respect means his thinking is on point. Appreciation means his giving makes you happy. And admiration means you see things in him that often go unnoticed in the outside world.

Men often guard their hearts just as much as you do — and with good reason. These three secrets are the keys to winning — and keeping — a good man’s heart. Please use them and fall in love with a man you truly respect, appreciate and admire.

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