How To Make A Guy Totally Infatuated With You

Turning him on is just the beginning.

How To Make A Guy Totally Infatuated With You getty

If you’ve ever wondered what makes a guy infatuated with you, it’s a good point to consider. 

Chemistry is the foundation of any relationship and we live too long to be without it. This is especially true for men, as well as women.

Men are visual. The moment they lay their eyes on you, they instantly know if they’re infatuated with you or not.

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With that in mind, here are 3 points to consider to know how to make a guy want you and infatuated with you:

1. Get in his eyes.

Infatuation starts with eye contact. The eyes are the windows to the soul and when you open them a man can fall deeply in love with you. 


Men are looking for a connection. When you make eye contact and smile at him he sees it as an invitation to connect with you.

Many of my coaching clients tell me that when they’re attracted to a guy they don’t look at him. This is obviously counterproductive. It doesn’t work with a gentleman. Drunks and players will approach you without eye contact, but a gentleman will look for a signal from you.

Looking in the eyes of a man will put you miles ahead of other women. Try it and see the results.

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2. Let him into your ears.



Infatuation for you as a woman is important. And the way to get it is to let him get into your ears. 

Listen to what he has to say, find out what he’s doing in his life, and if he has any future plans that involve you. A man with a plan becomes more and more attractive over time.

When a man is infatuated with you, he will tell you everything you need to hear. If you don’t hear things that sound good, he’s not infatuated with you and it’s time to move on.

3. Get into his heart.

You want to move a man. You do this by getting into his heart. Men are attracted to you when it’s easy to be with you when they sense you respect them and want to know what they think.


This is the subtlety that’s often missed with infatuation. Men are not just looking at you — they're looking through you. They intuitively know if you’re right for them. They do this by gauging if they’re comfortable with you. If it’s a fun and playful experience that leads to something more serious.

It starts when you look him in the eyes. It sparks when he begins a conversation with you.

When he’s talking, listen carefully. Men will tell you everything you need to hear right from the beginning. A solid man is a joy to be with.

When you’re able to get to his heart, you’re on your way to building something that’s bigger than the initial infatuation. Men want to fall in love with you; it's what they're looking for.


This is just the beginning of your adventure together. Get in his eyes, listen with your ears, and you’ll unlock his heart.

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