3 Reasons Why Guys Don't Need Relationship Advice (Says A Guy)

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3 Reasons Why Dating Advice For Men Isn't Necessary

When it comes to relationship advice, men focus on what's important: how to pick up girls. Once they figure that out, they consider themselves good to go.

While this may seem superficial to you, here are three reasons men don't need relationship advice:

1. We know what we want.


This is easy for men because they know it when they see it. Their eyes tell them and their bodies let them know that they're immediately turned on. This makes choosing a potential mate easy for a man.

As a woman, you have this same ability. The only difference is that you use your ears. It takes a little longer, but by listening to what a man says and asking yourself internally if what he's saying sounds good and feel good, you too have what you need to choose a mate. 

2. We know what makes us happy.


As men we use one very simple equation when choosing a more long-term mate: does what I'm doing for her currently make her happy?

Frankly, we know that when you're happy, we're happy. We strive on winning. We only enter relationships because we believe we can consistently make you happy.

It doesn't take a lot of relationship advice to figure this out. We get ours straight from the source. We know by whether or not there's a smile on your face and whether or not you tell us you appreciate what we do.

3. We're realistic.


As men, we realize that if we're not incredibly rich or don't look like a male model, then we're probably not going to be dating a supermodel. We want the best deal we can get. We don't agonize over perfection.

We accept you at face value, which is why we're confused when you want to talk about the relationship and the improvements we need to make. The reason we're realistic is because we have no hope that you're going to change. In fact, we're hoping that you don't.

Men want relationships and we're happiest when we're in one. We're just not big on relationship advice. If you respect who we are, we care about your feelings. 

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