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Digital Infidelity: Innocent Fun Or Online Affair?

Digital Infidelity: Innocent Fun Or Online Affair? [EXPERT]

Remember the days when cheating had a very simple definition? "Thou shall not commit adultery or covet thy neighbors..." was pretty straightforward. If you kissed, touched, connected emotionally or had sex with anyone other than your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife, it was considered cheating and it was wrong.

Enter the age of the internet, smart phones and social networking. The definition of cheating has become a little more complicated. We are now faced with a whole new issue that seems to be plaguing more and more couples each day. If you are in a monogamous relationship, but your partner is flirting or engaging in sexual activity on the internet, is it still considered cheating? Flirting With Strangers: 3 Ways To Break The Ice

I recently coached a client who had ended his relationship of three years because his boyfriend refused to stop flirting with people he met online. His boyfriend maintained a few online profiles on popular dating sites and, though his profiles read that he was only looking for friends, he often participated in chat sessions that were very suggestive in nature.

When confronted about his online activity, he made it a point to declare that it is not a big deal because online sex doesn't count. My client was frustrated, but tolerated it for a while. Eventually, he grew tired of the arguments and decided to end the relationship. A year later, he still questions whether or not he was overreacting and if he made the right decision. 8 Do's & Don'ts Of Sexting (If You Want Him To Reallllly Be Into You)

Technology has brought us into a world of instant gratification. People are driven by need. Healthy or not, when you couple those needs with convenience and on-demand options, those needs will be met at the drop of a dime. Unfortunately, the need for attention, love and sex are not immune to this trending relationship trap. I fully support my client for ending that relationship and here's why. Internet Sex And Porn – Is It Cheating? [EXPERT]

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