The 6 Reasons Being Almost 50 Is Way Better Than Being In My 20s (And I Wouldn't Go Back For Anything)

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A gander through my Amazon purchases during the past year reveals how much I'm concerned about aging like a boss: There's the tub of collagen peptides that some people swear by. And then I bought the hyaluronic acid serum for my skin, after falling in love with the Juvederm injections of hyaluronic acid that I used to get at an Ideal Image location not far from my home.

(Still paying off that debt so I can return and get more lip and laugh-line and cheek fillers of that stuff, which caused a friend to rave, "Your skin in glowing.")

However, there are benefits to aging and growing older, as many women over 50 know.

Sometimes, women can get so caught up in how some members of society might view a woman my age that we forget to celebrate all the benefits of being an older woman has to offer. 

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I'm currently 48 years old, and if given the choice, I don't know if I would return to my 21-year-old self.

I wouldn't mind a younger-looking face and I'm hoping to avoid those telltale bands under the neck that can be prevalent among some older women, but the knowledge I've gained and experiences are priceless.

Here are some of the benefits and sources of happiness for women over 50:

1. I have more money and opportunities. 

Sure, some days my bank account might look like the broke college student I once was, munching on Doritos on Thanksgiving Day, before I could go mooch dinner off my older sister.

However, those days are fewer and farther between — and the opportunities to gain a workable income are more plentiful.

2. I'm calmer and not as much of an idiot. 

Back in the day, I might have "popped off" more readily and followed my rollercoaster of emotions too easily. I allowed plenty of guys to get the better of me for fear of being alone or destitute.

I don't necessarily suffer fools as gladly these days. I believe in grace, but I noticed that I also have the fortitude and favor of Jesus to be able to walk away from bad situations and be fine with it.

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3. I have valuable experience. 

Looking back over my LinkedIn page the other day, I marveled at just how far back my work experience goes — well beyond the first job in 1990 that I might have listed. With my first "real job" taking place when I slid into a McDonald's location as a 15-year-old, I realized that I have at least 33 years of work experience.

In that time, I've been blessed to get my Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and have miraculously paid off my student loans. But it's not just the work experience that has been a boon — the experience with people has, too.

I know what kind of CEO I want to be and how well I'd treat my employees from watching others.

4. I can't have babies. 

Technically, new technology seems on the forefront that could one day implant a womb within me again and allow me to birth another baby but that's only if I wanted to ever pursue that route.

For now, having undergone a hysterectomy at 35 was an advantage for me.

5. I'm saved.

As a woman in her 20s, I was still farting around with New Age theology and trying to solidify what I believed. By the time I was 30, I stopped running from God and gave in to Christ.

It has benefited me in ways that are almost immeasurable and I "don't fear the reaper" so I can boldly go in the direction of my dreams till death and beyond.

6. I'm looking forward to 50. 

They say 50 is the new 30 or whatever. Instead of dreading it, I'm actually looking forward to turning 50 — with one crazy reason being that the bikini competitions I compete in have new 50 and older categories that I want to win.

There's something so cool and round about that 50 number that I love.

Positivity tends to rule my thinking. So why not share all the advantages of being older with women who are also sometimes surprised to be called, "Ma'am"?

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