5 Easy Steps To Self-Discovery

5 Easy Steps to Self-Discovery

Has your comfort zone become your prison? Taking time to reflect on your life right now can give you the answer. Knowing yourself is the first step in bursting out of your prison. I know there are many schools of thought on this. One is to take baby steps, just put your toe over the zone and see how it feels. If it doesn't feel good then go back to yourself imposed prison!

Phooey, I say, jump over the zone; take a giant leap, a leap so big that it's impossible to go back. It's not supposed to feel good; staying in the 'feel good' place has imprisoned you. The doors to that particular prison are closed to you forever!

Use the steps below to begin your journey of self-discovery, turn yourself loose and burst out of your prison.

1. Ask and acknowledge your unique purpose - Ask yourself what do you truly desire to be / do / have? What do you feel compelled to do? Acknowledge yourself for your uniqueness. This will give you the courage to leap from your comfort zone.

2. Have the courage to be totally honest - What assumptions have you made about yourself and others? Self-acceptance and facing issues honestly give you the opportunity to uncover the truth and live life with integrity. Living in integrity will not allow you to short-change yourself by staying with the status quo.

3. Find a Buddy - Ask someone you trust to support you in your journey of self-discovery and tell them how they can help. When people understand how your personal growth benefits them and the world (because you are showing up authentically and on purpose), you will be supported in bursting out of your comfort zone to create the life of your dreams!

4. Embrace change - Dare to dream, take big steps forward. You don't need to know everything before you proceed; and yes, there's no such thing as a mistake when you're bursting out of prison. Whatever appears is there for your greater good; a learning opportunity.

5. Celebrate – Choose something daily to celebrate. Rejoice in all that you are attracting and creating.

Imagine yourself bursting out of your prison, arms akimbo, jumping up and down, eyes wide open and a BIG grin on your face! You did it, you took the leap. Now look around and see yourself into your new future; the future created by you, just for you. Doesn't that feel good!

Commit Today to do whatever it takes to turn yourself loose - throw away beliefs, attitudes and expectations that get in the way of your ability to create your best life NOW!

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