We Asked Men What They REALLY Think About During Sex

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men think during sex

When I'm having sex, my brain is running in a million different directions. 

Part of me is totally caught up in the physical pleasure of just enjoying the sex I'm having with my partner. 

Part of me is hooked on some of my naughtier fantasies, while other parts of my brain are wondering stuff like "did I leave the stove on?" 

I know from conversations with my female friends that I'm not alone. A lot of women find their minds running all over the place when they're having sex, no matter how awesome their partner is at getting them to have mind-blowingly hot orgasms.

But I have often wondered if this was the same for men. So, I did what I usually do these days when I'm curious about something about the male of the species. I put out an anonymous call for men to share what men think during sex and the results were pretty awesome. 

  • "Sometimes I'm just thinking about how good it feels, how pretty she is, or on the physical mechanics of scratching that itch enough to make me cum. Sometimes, I'll imagine her fucking some woman I recently saw and became obsessed with. Sometimes, my focus will be narrowed down to a single image, or sometimes I'll switch between them in rapid succession."
  • "My partner. If both of you approach sex with the goal of bringing pleasure to your partner, then there is rarely such a thing as bad sex."
  • "Baseball."

  • "I am just totally consumed with sensation, it's all I can think about when I'm fucking my girlfriend. She likes to talk but all I want to do is be quiet and focus on that totally indescribable feeling of being inside her and feeling her tighten around me."
  • "This is kind of weird, but hell, you asked for it: sometimes I think about this babysitter I had in middle school. My mom used to work nights and this girl from church would come over and watch us. I was so shy that I barely spoke to her, but I was obsessed with the way she looked. Every so often when I'm having sex the image of her face pops into my mind. I don't know why."
  • "I love pretending that my woman has set a challenge for me, like 'make me come or else'. I'm a competitive person and adding this sort of fun made up fantasy challenge to our sex sessions makes things feel super hot to me. "
  • "My GF has three roommates, so we don't usually spend a lot of time her place. When we do and we're getting busy I love to fantasize that at any second one of her roommates is going to bust into the room and catch us going to town on each other. I find the idea of being caught in the act SO hot."
  • "I am not embarrassed to admit this, but what I often think about is something fairly common. I might fantasize about being with someone else, or I might fantasize that the encounter is happening in a different place."