2 GENIUS Products For Keeping Your Sex Toy Collection (VERY) Private

Not even your nosy mother-in-law will find them here...

sex toy storage unsplash

Hiding sex toys from kids, roommates and even a maid can be challenging.

Thankfully, there are two products on the market today that truly hide sex toys in plain sight and make it very difficult for anyone you do not want seeing them to get a peek.

The first product is called the Sneaky Sack made by Holistic Wisdom, Inc.


It is ideal for hiding just about anything in plain sight. It is a soft fabric bag that is waterproof and hangs on any hanger.

Load it up with any of your sex toys or even valuables in the interior separation pockets. Then slide an old sweatshirt over it and hang in your closet.

Viola! Your unmentionables are now hidden will not be found.

The bag can hold sex toys as large as Hitachi’s Magic Wand, and because it is made with a soft material you will never hear it crinkle or make noise when you move clothes around in your closet.

Furthermore, the heavy-duty construction of the bag can handle quite a bit of weight and can be used with any hanger. For heavy loads, we recommend a sturdy wood hanger.


The best part is that the top straps that hold the bag in place fit perfectly into a hanger and drop below the neckline of shirts making it appear that nothing is underneath.

The bulkier the sex toys you put inside, the larger garment you may need so a sweatshirt or coat is perfect.

The second product to discreetly store sex toys is called the Stashe Storage Pillow made by Liberator.


It is a smaller storage product that looks like a throw pillow but has a secret compartment inside for stashing away your adult toys.

It is ideal for smaller items that you want to keep on your bed such as a small vibrator, lubricants or condoms and comes in different colors to match your décor.

With sex toy storage products like these, you can enjoy keeping your sex toys close and easy to access while keeping them hidden from prying eyes!


Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D. is the founder and C.E.O. of Holistic Wisdom, Inc. which provides sexual health and wellness education, resources and products. To learn more about what are the latest developments in nontoxic sex toys visit – HolisticWisdom.com