How The Ancient African ‘Kunyaza’ Tradition Is The Secret To Amazing Orgasms

Kunyaza is an ancient African sexual practice that will drastically improve your sex life.

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Ever heard of "kunyaza" and how it can make the female orgasm intensely powerful?

No? Well, you have now!

Originally from Rwanda, Africa, the kunyaza practice has the reputation of triggering female ejaculation and multiple orgasms for women.

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The ancient kunyaza technique triggers gushing female orgasms.

According to legend, the practice originated when an ancient queen experienced a gushing orgasm whose flow was so copious, it formed Lake Kivu — one of the great lakes of Africa.


The motion provoked a gush and became known as the "kunyaza" technique, and the gushing fluid became known as "kunyara."

In traditional African cultures where kunyaza (also known as kachabali) is practiced, women's pleasure comes first, and men are expected to make their wives squirt.

In traditional African culture, men who don't satisfy their wives are considered inferior.

Women have a god-given right to sexual pleasure and should allow themselves to experience incredibly wet orgasms. The female ejaculate is sacred in ancient Rwanda, and men should perform the secret practice of kunyaza to discover a woman's sacred water.


Kunyaza empowers women who frequently ejaculate, awakens hidden sensations of women who rarely ejaculate, and introduces a new possibility of sexual pleasure to women who did not know they could ejaculate.

How to perform kunyaza.

The kunyaza practice involves a combination of non-penetrative (rubbing and tapping) and penetrative (deep thrusting) stimulation of the female genitalia with the male member to enhance her pleasure and induce squirting and orgasms.

As for the non-penetrative stimulation, it involves the tapping, rubbing, and stroking of the female flower with an erect penis head to inflame a woman's desire and send her into ecstasy.

The tapping and rubbing motions are performed rhythmically in a horizontal, vertical, or zig-zag motion along the vulva.


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For kunyaza to be truly effective, the woman must be psychologically prepared and mentally aroused for adult play. As the woman becomes more relaxed and highly aroused by the kunyaza tapping, a gush of orgasmic fluid is likely to expel.

This is a different practice than most Americans are used to. In fact, a U.S. study found 95 percent of men usually or always orgasm, compared to only 65 percent of women.

This is a phenomenon known as the "orgasm gap."

The orgasm gap is a cultural problem, particularly in Western society, which devalues female pleasure.

In contrast to our society's obsession with sexual penetration, the kunyaza practice provides an alternative sexual script that focuses on clitoral stimulation.


You may not realize it, even as a woman, but most women do not climax from penetration alone. Many men are completely in the dark about female ejaculation, or "squirting."

Many men don't attempt to give their partners a clitoral orgasm or to make her "squirt," even though the vast majority of women require clitoral stimulation to climax — something men need to understand!

Given the kunyaza practice involves both non-penetrative and penetrative stimulation, it's something you and your partner can enjoy together!


For many, this centuries-old African practice can solve the West's orgasm gap problem — something the rest of the world should pay attention to, as well.

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Habeeb Akande is a sex educator, YourTango expert, and author of Kunyaza: The Secret to Female Pleasure. Habeeb runs intimacy workshops on sexual well-being and was featured on a BBC documentary exploring female sexual pleasure. For more information on how to have (or give) female orgasms, follow him on Twitter @Habeeb_Akande.