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8 Happy, Uplifting Songs To Listen To When You're Depressed

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LITTLE Things To Do Every Day To Overcome Your Depression

We all have those days when we just don’t want to get out of bed. Maybe you’re dreading a project at work, you’re spending the weekend figuring out how to juggle bills, or your toddler has the croup.

You know things will get better soon. That’s the emotion of sadness or reactive depression.

Clinical depression isn’t just feeling sad or blue or melancholy because life is hard. It’s a pervasive mood that doesn’t go away and doesn’t necessarily have a trigger. It can feel like being in a dark tunnel with no light.

You feel hopeless. Everything is a chore, even getting out of bed and showering. The things you used to enjoy suddenly feel like a burden. Often, clinical depression requires seeing a competent therapist and perhaps taking medication.

Don’t be shy or embarrassed. Clinical depression is a chemical imbalance in your brain. It’s a medical condition, not a personal failure or weakness.

Regardless of whether you are managing reactive or clinical depression, there are little things you can do to help alleviate the symptoms.

Here’s a playlist of ideas on how to deal with depression, because, hey, music affects your mood big time.

1. "Beautiful Day" by U2

Turn off the TV. Don’t read the newspaper. You don’t need to add to the things that are stressing you out. And, unless you are an elected official or disaster relief worker, there’s not much you can do about the bad news.

So, why take it on?

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2. "I Got You Babe" by Sonny and Cher

Reach out to friends. Let them know you’re having a hard time. Ask them to support you.

Get out of the house and do something fun. Go to a comedy show. See a movie. Play laser tag. Go shopping. Get a pedicure. Anything that you usually find fun and relaxing.

3. "Walking on Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves

Take a walk in the park. Often the air is cleaner in a park or forest. You’ll be exposed to natural light. Walking is a gentle form of exercise that stimulates endorphins that elevate your mood.   

4. "Happy" by Pharrell Williams

Stay busy. Being engaged in life will take your mind off your troubles. You will get a double dose of energy if you stay busy by helping others.

Volunteer at a shelter or help sort food at a food bank. Help with childcare in the nursery at your place of worship.

5. "I Feel Good" by James Brown

Your body holds stress. Massage will release tight muscles. It also helps stimulate oxytocin, the "love hormone."

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6. "Build Me Up Buttercup" by the Foundations

Make a list of all your worries and fears. Read your list. What is under your control? Where can you take action to make things better? Pick one area, set a goal, and make a plan.

Then tear up the list or burn it in the fireplace. Better yet, use it as kindling to light the grill and once the coals are hot, make s'mores.

7. "Good Vibrations" by the Beach Boys

Make a list of all of your successes and accomplishments. Make a list of everything you’re grateful for. Post the lists on your fridge or your bathroom mirror, anywhere you’ll see them regularly.

Add three items to each list every day. You’ll reprogram your brain to see the good side of life.

8. "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" by Israel Kamakawiwio’ole

Finally, don’t give up! You will start feeling better. Little things matter and they add up over time.

But, if you find yourself thinking about suicide or making plans, it’s time to find a competent professional. You have too much life ahead of you to keep living like this.

Gretchen Martens is an author, speaker, coach, and happiness expert. Text "happiness" to 33222 for a free daily happiness message and join her open Facebook community, The Happiness Society (@ResilientHappiness).