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Dallas TX 75254 - United States



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Author, Consultant, Divorce Recovery Coach, Life Coach, Marriage Coach, Parenting Coach, Speaker/Presenter, Spiritual Coach

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What do you long for? It’s not impossible! For 17 years I’ve worked with clients like you to create the mindset, goals, and actions that bring you lifelong happiness and satisfaction.

About Gretchen Martens

I’m a credentialed personal and professional development coach with nearly two decades of experience. I’ve worked with hundreds of clients from many walks of life.  I spent nearly a decade working with military in transition and their families, earning the affectionate nickname “the Veteran Lady.”

What do YOU long for? How can I support you in (re)defining your vision for your life and finding a pathway to lasting happiness and life satisfaction?

I know about jumping off the cliff and knitting the parachute on the way down. On March 31, 2017, I left a soul-sucking corporate coaching gig (great clients, toxic organization). I spent a month in Bhutan, studying happiness in the country that launched the global happiness movement. I returned to Dallas to reinvent my life on May 1. And, here I am on Your Tango!

Want a free daily happiness message from me? Text “happiness” to 33222. Join my open Facebook community, The Happiness Society, to learn more (@ResilientHappiness). 

I am an author, speaker, coach and happiness expert. My coaching blends my background as an anthropologist, visual artist, and comedy performer. My community knows me for my huge heart, generous listening, and deep compassion. When I worked at an Afro-centric nonprofit, I was given the soul name "Sister Vision." My own big vision is to create a future where all people and communities thrive by nurturing individuals, families, communities, and businesses committed to leaving a meaningful legacy of social change. 

When I’m not spreading happiness or trying to save the world, I’m an improvisational comedy performer at Dallas Comedy House. I’m s a storyteller, poet, playwright, political satirist, and budding novelist who has no appreciation for rhyming couplets. I’m a photographer and abstract painter who is bored by the old masters. I struggle to manage my addiction to the news and only recently subscribed to the NY Times, despite the fact it doesn’t have comics. I’m a former archaeologist who makes killer sangria and a mediocre salsa partner. My standup career never got off the ground despite opening at the Mustang Room, Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, in 2016.

I’ve got a B.A. from Cornell University and a M.A. from The University of Michigan in anthropology. I am A.B.D. in PhD program in higher and adult continuing education. I trained with the Newfield Network and I’m waiting for my Professional Certified Coach credential (PCC) from the International Coach Federation. I’m certified in the MBTI, the Forte Communication System, and Veterans Behavioral Health. 

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