People With These 5 Personality Traits Are The Most Likely To Get Exactly What They Want

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The Most Successful Men & Women Have These 5 Dominant Personality Traits

When it comes to getting what you want and accomplishing your goals in life, whether at work or in your personal and romantic relationships, it's tremendously helpful to observe the most successful men and women out there.

In particular, it's quite useful to identify the habits, characteristics, leadership skills, and dominant personality traits they possess, as well as the psychology of how they use them to overcome life's obstacles, find happiness and make their dreams come true.

We've all seen infomercials for life-improving gadgets and kitchen accessories.

You know, the ones where the actor in the commercial can’t seem to eat without spilling, or where all their Tupperware falls out of the cupboard on top of them.

Then, an announcer comes on making promises about their product, which they guarantee will keep you from ever having to face the same problem again. Their handy invention will make organizing a cinch, free up your spare time, and make your entire life better overall.

There’s a reason this kind of marketing works.

We like quick fixes. We like believing that every obstacle we face can be tackled easily with a neat solution (available for only three small payments of $49.95 (plus tax plus shipping plus interest plus several other things buried away in the fine print scrolling by in a flash).

But, as you and I both know, there are no quick fixes to most real life problems. There’s no magic formula available to ensure success or bring you the life you’ve been dreaming of. There’s no secret, no key, and nothing that can single-handedly launch you into fame, fortune or happiness.

Don’t worry, though. I won’t stop with the bad news. As with most things in life, there’s a but, so here it is ...

There is no magic formula to propel you into success, but ... there are a few things you can learn by observing the type of people keep moving forward at all times, regardless of their current situation.

Take note of these 5 personality traits, which the most successful men and women depend on to help them reach their goals, stay committed to growth, and get exactly what they want.

1. Resilient

Resilience is your ability to bounce back when something throws you off your game.

When you experience loss, failure, shame, or any other difficulty, resilience helps you dust yourself off and start over. It’s the ability to acknowledge trouble and do whatever necessary to overcome.

2. Courageous

This means doing the things you’re afraid of — the creative, risky things that leave you worried about failure.

Leaders and innovators are set apart by their willingness to step out to the edge of what’s normal or standard and take the leap into extraordinary.

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3. Kind

Practice kindness everyday, both to yourself and to others. Become an expert at it. Let it guide you and live by it.

4. Patient

Trust the process. Let circumstances unfold without trying to control the outcome.

Mastering this will bring protect your peace in the middle of chaotic, unpredictable situations.

5. Disciplined

This comes down to your ability to do the hard things today in order to have what you want tomorrow.

Don’t lose your focus or your vision.

Take baby steps, big steps, and crawl when you have to.

Keep your eyes on the goal and do what you can to reach it.

Honing these five personality traits will help you navigate the uncertainty of life and overcome the obstacles you face, so you can reach your life goals. Which is exactly what the most successful people in the world do every single day.

And wherever you find yourself on your journey, remember to keep learning and to keep moving forward!

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Gretchen Hydo is a certified professional coach, keynote speaker, nationally syndicated advice columnist, and thought leader. For more information on other life-changing programs, visit Any Lengths Life Coaching.

This article was originally published at Gretchen Hydo International . Reprinted with permission from the author.