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25 years +


Minneapolis MN 55417 - United States



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Spiritual Coach, YourTango Expert Partner

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Multiple states/provinces, please inquire



I Believe

Everyone has Brilliance. Everyone has a gift to share with the world. Operating from your brilliance, you shift the way you act, think, and believe. You become a magnet of change. Unlimited possibility becomes a reality.

About Jeanne Henderson

It is time to be your authentic self: the unique, beautiful, brilliant you – The Source of Who You Are! Everyone is a spark from Source. Everyone is awesome, whole, and perfect. 

You have been programmed to feel small and insignificant; your programs are creating your results. Freedom requires the dismantling of these old, outdated programs. Wayne Dyer said, "Freedom means you are unobstructed and living your life as you choose; anything less is a form of slavery." 

As history has shown us, beliefs change throughout history with the expansion of the mind. Have we limited who we are because of our limited beliefs? Look at the past and see how many times people have actually moved past what previous generations thought was possible. We can now fly, have personal computers, televisions, cell phones, and many substantial benefits that were not perceived as possible only a few years ago. 

It is amazing that we have made so many technological advances but still think our current belief systems don't need to change. Our collective consciousness is run by programs, the agendas of others, and accepted ways of being. If we do not shift the way we currently think, believe, and behave, we cannot possibly bring about needed change. 

We have been following the concepts of old: old ways of doing things, old patterns and thinking, old beliefs and extreme bias. We have a "CRISIS IN CONSCIOUSNESS!" 

Jeanne and her business partners are a team.  We are here to assist you to be your authentic self and live your best life.

Go To Source is all about eradicating stress, busting limits, breaking up blocks, exploring potentials, and fighting for freedom so that we can be authentic and build brilliance in our lives and the world. 

We are Reality Upgraders, ready to assist and work with you individually. We are all able to help you explore what is stopping you from living the life of your dreams. Here are our specialties. 

Jeanne works with you to expose the blocks and limiting programs that keep you stuck. She will help you move to a more expanded awareness where connection to your authentic self can be realized. Through this dismantling of outdated perceptions and beliefs, you can move into freedom and unlimited potentials. 

Vivian enjoys helping others understand the core truth of who they are. She can help you to develop a new vocabulary for creating your authentic and creative expression in life. From her own experience, she will share time-tested techniques that can activate the changes you want, including how to shift your focus and expand your perspective about yourself and your life. 

Lynne is a Brilliance Formula Expert. She empowers others to live from their Brilliance. As a certified Master Universal Healer, Lynne provides techniques for clearing and maintaining your personal fields, which allows greater personal Freedom. 

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