Put That Genie In YOUR BRAIN To REST

Let go of those thoughts

In the story of Aladdin and his wonderful lamp you may remember that when Aladdin found the magic lamp and rubbed it, a Genie came out and said, "You are the master of the lamp and I must obey." When Aladdin made a wish, the Genie didn’t say, "That is a lousy wish. I won’t grant it." Genies may be big and powerful, but they must go along with whatever wish is chosen.

Your subconscious mind is like that Genie. It is your trusted servant. The subconscious is like a giant file where your life history is stored. Once you have placed a belief or command in the subconscious it must comply, even if you have forgotten what you ordered. Neuroscience has proved that this is really the case. Your brain is divided into three parts: the brain stem, the prefrontal cortex, and the limbic system.

You may be amazed to learn 2 facts about the Limbic System.

Number one—There are no words in the Limbic System, there is only emotion.

Number two—In the Limbic system the past and the present exist simultaneously! Therefore, sometimes the past takes over the present moment and you act or react to what is happening as if you were four-years old again without realizing it!

The reason for this lies in a brain structure within the Limbic System called the amygdala. This tiny portion of the brain is like a smoke alarm that is always on guard for danger! From the time you were born, if anyone or anything seemed threatening or scary, the amygdala signaled a red alert and the body went into a survival state of fight, flight or freeze.

When the danger was over, your thinking brain tried to figure out what had just happened. At that moment you made a decision to explain the upsetting experience. These decisions turned into commands that would later come back to haunt you or help you depending on your conclusion. Unfortunately, some of them, possibly created when you were a toddler, may be the cause of many of your present day problems.

For instance, imagine that when you were around two years old and you spilled a glass of milk on the floor. Your mom called you clumsy or stupid. Your brain has a record of that moment that includes the angry look on her face, as well as the conclusion you made that mom was right and you are clumsy and stupid. The Genie in your brain where all of this is stored must obey that decision. That’s why you continue to believe you are stupid and hate yourself when you act clumsy.

Throughout your life you may have had many unpleasant or traumatic moments in which you felt threatened or embarrassed and decided that you didn't deserve happiness, wealth, friends, love, etc. These decisions, stored in this part of the brain, often pop up when you least expect it. When you find yourself in a situation that is reminiscent of the first time it ever happened, at the blink of an eye, you will re-experience the original fear, anger, or helplessness and react just as you did so long ago because of a hidden command.

If you have ever heard yourself say, "I don't know why I keep thinking or acting this way. I know better, yet I can't seem to stop," It means that your Genie is at work again. Take a minute and ask yourself this question: How young was I when I decided that I was unlovable/ unworthy/ unwanted/ incapable, which makes me react this way? A number will come to mind. You might even remember exactly where you were and what happened.

Once you know what happened or when it happened, you can replace the old negative command with a new positive one. Here is how to use EFT Tapping to reprogram your Genie now.

Choose one of these focusing statements. Repeat it 3 times as you tap on the outer edge of your hand.

Even though when I was very young, something extremely unpleasant happened that I can't recall. But my unconscious mind knows what happened. As a result of that incident I decided that I am _______, (unlovable, stupid, unworthy, a loser, etc). That belief still affects me today, causing me to say or do things that I later regret. I am now ready to heal that old wound now.

Even though when I was _______years old, I remember that  __________ happened. As a result I decided that I am _______, (unlovable, stupid, unworthy, a loser, etc). That belief still affects me today causing me to say or do things that I later regret. I am now ready to heal that old wound now.

Make up a brief reminder phrase such as: Awful experience, she punished me, they embarrassed me, I’m a loser, it hurt so much, whatever happened, etc and say it as you tap for 3 seconds on each of these acupressure points:

• Crown of the head
• Beginning of the eyebrow near the nose
• Outside edge of the eye socket
• Under the lower eyelid
• Under the nose
• Under the lower lip
• Under the knob of the collarbone
• On the side of the body 4 inches under the armpit.

As you gently tap each point you may get in touch with other aspects of that experience or even other times that something similar occurred. Keep tapping on each memory, negative emotion or negative belief that comes to mind until you are able to remember those events without feeling any upset at all. It will be as if you are looking through a photo album at things that happened a long time ago and are long gone.

You will be able to send your Genie into retirement when you realize: It happened! It is over! I survived! I can now love and accept myself!

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