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25 years +


Santa Barbara CA 93105 - United States



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Counselor/Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Marriage/Couples Counselor, Speaker/Presenter, YourTango Expert Partner

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Plato said : "The unexamined life is not worth living."


As a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist with an advanced degree in education and a love of learning I offer my clients the latest methods for achieving emotional health and happiness. That includes Grownup Love, which is a “having it all” relationship between two grownups who have done their own work, and in whom the head, the heart and the genitals are lined up!

During over thirty years of experience I have successfully counseled numerous couples whose marriage was in trouble as well as
clients who were trying to figure out why they had no love relationships or were in an unhappy relationship and couldnʼt or wouldnʼt let it go. Still others were distressed by the realization that they kept choosing the same kind of unsuitable partner over and over

I can help them because I have also lived most of the same experiences as my clients and know what it feels like from the inside out. I have been widowed, divorced, been attracted to the same type of dysfunctional partners more than once, and have also been in a harmonious marriage for many years. Therefore, I know what it is like to be miserable in love and what it takes to find true and lasting love.

 What do you have to do in order to attract your perfect partner and live happily ever after? In my eBook, Grownup Love: Getting It and Keeping It I will take you on a journey of self-exploration and self-transformation. I will help you discover what lessons you can learn from all your romantic relationships that can lead you to a lifetime of love and happiness.

About Gloria Arenson

Hi! I'm Gloria Arenson, Marriage Family Therapist and Diplomate in Energy Psychology. You may have seen me on national TV with Montel Williams, Liza Gibbons or Gary Collins as guest expert discussing the problems of Compulsive Eaters, Spenders and others with addictive habits that were ruining their lives. You or a loved one may be devastated by the way that compulsions can destroy romantic relationships and bring financial ruin.

Psychological counseling is like detective work. I am devoted to helping you eliminate your false beliefs, enabling you to get to the heart of your problems and transform them rapidly.

I want to teach you how to use a rapid and effective new energy modality, EFT Tapping, a simple acupressure method that will help you successfully free yourself from eating disorders, compulsive spending, anxiety, fears, depression, PTSD, panic disorder, procrastination low self esteem and relationship problems. My book Five Simple Steps to Emotional Healing contains do-it-yourself instructions for success.

If you are seeking lasting love in a relationship you will discover that I have not just studied human behavior, I have also experienced the pain of loss and divorce. I know that it is possible to find your soul mate and have been with mine for over 25 years!

These life experiences led me to write a unique workbook, Grownup Love: Getting It and Keeping It, for those who are tired of being losers in love. I have also created an even more rapid way to use Mindfulness with Imagery that I call The Phoenix Effect Process. PEP is a no-talk therapy that heals relationships magically and restores romance.

My passion is to share what I know through my books: the award winning Five Simple Steps to Emotional Healing, Desserts is Stressed Spelled Backwards, How To Stop Playing The Weighting Game, Born To Spend: Overcoming Compulsive Spending, EFT For Procrastination, EFT Tapping: 64 Quick & Easy Tips, Grownup Love: Getting It and Keeping It, Freedom At Your Fingertips and The Phoenix Effect Process.

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