Not Sure What To Do? Ask A Pendulum!

The answer is there — you just need to find it.


The great philosopher Socrates once said that the unexamined life is not worth living. You can summon your own inner strength and wisdom to solve many daily or longstanding problems by using a simple pendulum. Pendulums have been around for thousands of years. The pendulum enables your unconscious mind to help you clarify issues or make decisions by providing three answers to your questions: Yes, No, or I don’t know.


A pendulum is simply a weight that is suspended so it can swing freely. Some people purchase beautiful pendulums with weights made of precious stones or jewels, but you can easily make your own. All you need is a piece of string, wool or chain and some kind of object that can dangle from it. Perhaps you already have a locket on a chain or a suitable pendant. You can also use a key, an earring, a large button or a bead, as long as it has weight. Allow this object to hang 3-6 inches down from the topknot or clasp.


  • Sit upright but relaxed in a comfortable armchair with your feet on the ground.
  • Rest your elbow on the arm of the chair and steady your forearm wrist and hand.
  • Gently hold the top of the pendulum cord between your thumb, index and middle fingers without squeezing.
  • Take some deep breaths and relax your body.

Get acquainted with your pendulum

  • As you sit this way, imagine your pendulum swinging toward you and away from you, but don’t attempt to make it happen. Repeat the command: “Toward me and away from me” out loud or in your mind over and over. Watch what happens. When the pendulum succeeds, go to the next step.
  • Imagine your pendulum swinging left to right and right to left. Repeat the command: “Left to right and right to left” out loud or in your mind over and over. Watch what happens. When the pendulum succeeds, go to the next step.
  • Imagine your pendulum swinging around to the right (clockwise). Repeat the command: “Around to the right” out loud or in your mind over and over. Watch what happens. When the pendulum succeeds go to the next step.
  • Imagine your pendulum swinging around to the left (counterclockwise). Repeat the command: “Around to the left” out loud or in your mind over and over. Watch what happens. When the pendulum succeeds, it is time to use it to help you.

Test the results
Now that you know that your pendulum can respond to your wishes, you can put it to work. Make sure that you are sitting comfortably and that you feel relaxed. Hold the top of the pendulum gently so it swings freely and say, “Show me a Yes.” As you continue to sit quietly saying or thinking this request, let the pendulum swing on its own. Notice the direction it settles into. It may turn out that Yes for you is forward and back or maybe clockwise. Try this a few times to be sure the answer is consistent. Once you know how your pendulum swings for “Yes” do the same again as you ask to be shown “No” and “I don’t know.”

Your pendulum in action
You can use your pendulum for guidance in many areas of your life. Judy had many allergies and sensitivities to food. She carried her pendulum in her purse and used it when she was in doubt about eating certain dishes at restaurants or buying unfamiliar items at the market.

My pendulum comes in handy sometimes when I am not feeling well and want to decide which remedy would work best for me. I line up the different non-prescription possibilities that I have collected for my upset stomach or achy back and, holding or focusing on one at a time, I say, “It is wise for me to take ______(name of the substance)." I continue until I have eliminated all but the one that will work best.

I have received training in many different, effective psychotherapy techniques. Here’s how I find best method to help me solve my own problems when I am troubled, fearful, or in a quandary. I hold my pendulum and say, “The treatment of choice for me is: _________(EFT Tapping, Cognitive Therapy, EMDR, guided imagery, etc).” Since I believe that there is a part of me that already knows what is best, using the pendulum enables me to contact that inner wisdom.


When I was counseling Bob to help him overcome his procrastination about paying his bills on time, he shared that he felt daunted and froze when he sat at his desk with his bills spread out in front of him. He realized that he had a fear of making a mistake that would bring financial ruin. I said, “Bob, how young could you be when you first felt immobilized like this?” Bob had no idea so we decided to ask the pendulum.

As Bob let the pendulum swing he asked, “Was I less than 10 when all of this fear started?” The pendulum indicated a Yes. Then he asked number-by-number, nine, eight, seven, etc.? The pendulum indicated that he was seven when this fear started. Bob remembered that when he was seven , he had a very mean teacher who made fun of him in front of the class when he had trouble in math. As a result he did not have confidence in himself when it came to anything having to do with math.

Once Bob realized that he was not seven anymore and that the original event was over, he was able to affirm that he was not a child. He was an intelligent adult, a college graduate and was capable of paying his bills correctly.

The more that you use your pendulum the more you will be able to trust your ability to solve your own problems and have fun while you do. Make sure that you always state the situation in the positive. Begin each sentence with: It is OK for me to___, It is beneficial for me to___, The best action for me is___ etc. Like Bob, you may seek to discover the age you were when your problem began. Some people actually go back to pre-birth! Keep your pendulum handy and use it often when you feel stuck.


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