Life Stressing You Out? 3 Easy Ways To Clear Your Mind In Minutes

clear your mind

Are you like me? Whenever I read the paper or watch the news and see stories about war, starvation, killing rampages, rape, and other atrocities, I feel anxious and worried. In addition to worrying about the fate of the world, on a personal level, I also sometimes feel frustrated by annoying work or family relationship issues.

Although I try my best to meditate every day to quiet my stress and remember my inner happiness, after 24 hours, I seem to collect a new array of fears or angers.

Recently, I came across an inspirational affirmation from Deepak Chopra that has become my new mantra: I release and my heart is at peace. In that spirit, here are three super easy and quick ways to de-stress during your day:

1. Create a unique daily ritual

Yes, I know, this instruction sounds so simple, but how else do you release your daily build up of nervous tension without visiting a therapist or medicating yourself?

My client Virginia spent years in therapy trying to come to terms with her anger toward her unloving mother that was keeping her depressed. Virginia's spirituality was a strong presence in her life, so I suggested that every morning she perform this brief ritual to release her mother and find a respite from her emotional pain:

First, she centered herself and formed an image of her mother in her mind. Next, she imagined putting the image in an envelope, putting a stamp on it, and mailing it to God. As she created this fantasy she asked God: "Please take care of my mom because she is driving me crazy. Even though I don't get along with her and often wish her out of my life, keep her safe this day."

Then, every time something rekindled Virginia's animosity during the day, she would just remind herself that she could let go of it, since she relegated mom to a loving Higher Power for the day.

2. Do nothing ... on purpose

Recently, I discovered another rapid and pleasurable way to release unpleasant thoughts and feelings about disturbing people or life challenges in minutes ... by doing nothing. Yes, seriously.

Dr. Frank Kinslow developed this effortless method he calls "Quantum Entrainment," which he describes in his book, When Nothing Works Try Doing Nothing.

All you need to do is sit comfortably, close your eyes and watch your thoughts and feelings go by for a few minutes. Don't try to quiet the thoughts; instead, just watch them flow along in your mind, as if you were a passenger on a bus or train watching the scenes go by outside the window. I promise, you can't do this wrong.

One morning, I was really ticked off by something my husband said and decided to use this do nothing approach. I settled myself in a comfortable chair and allowed my angry thoughts and nasty words to pass through my mind, as if they were subtitles in a foreign movie. I also noticed the physical sensations of tension in my stomach, chest and arms.

As I began to imagine a scenario in which I might employ a sarcastic retort to what he said, the words started to fade away. I found myself feeling more and more relaxed until the whole situation seemed somehow unimportant. When I opened my eyes all the negative emotion had disappeared. I had no desire to keep my anger going or even refer to the event again. Bonus: I achieved this in less than 3 minutes. Amazing.

3. Tap your worries away

The third technique I recommend for people in a hurry, who don't want the burden of tension, is easy to learn and use. Many people are now familiar with EFT acupressure tapping, where you simply touch or gently tap 9 acupressure points on your head and upper body to reduce or eliminate pain and stress. You can learn more about this wonderful method in my popular book Five Simple Steps to Emotional Healing.

Here is a version I call the "Super Fast Tapping Process." As you think about the cause of your stress or misery, gently press or tap for 3 seconds on these points:

  • Crown of your head
  • Center of your forehead
  • Under your nose
  • Under your lower lip
  • Center of your breastbone

Tap around three or four times on each spot. Stop and take stock to see if anything has changed. Keep tapping around like this until you feel calm or until you decide how to deal with the situation or relationship. You can accomplish this in less than 3 minutes.

Remember that you can tap anytime or anywhere when your tension gets the best of you. I recommend 3 minutes of Super Fast tapping at the beginning of the day in the shower, or before you put your car key in the ignition to drive to work.

The more you use these quick and easy stress releasers, the better you will face each day. Make it a daily practice to clear your life of negativity and you will be healthier and feel much happier.

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