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Welcome! I'm Gayla Wick, Love Relationship Coach and Author. If you're tired of waiting and perhaps even struggling to find your love connection then you're in the right place. I know because I've been where you are, deeply disappointed in love and unsure of what to do next. If you're like most single women, you've probably done everything you know how to do and followed advice from well-meaning family members and friends. Yet, your love connection, the love of your life still remains elusive.

You may have given your time, energy and affections to men who did not appreciate nor reciprocate your love. Well, I'm here to reassure you this does not need to continue. You can attract your ideal love match, if you are willing to make a few simple changes in how you're going about your search. I will guide you through my four-step process in my Love Coaching Program, It's All About You!  This powerful program is designed to be fun and effective without the struggle and angst you've most likely experienced to date. 

Contact me to sign-up for a complimentary consultation. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by asking for assistance in this incredibly important area of your life. I know because someone helped me years ago and now I'm living the life of my dreams with the love of my life - my husband, Allan. Let's talk and together we can determine if this program is a fit for you.

My book, The Art of Attracting Authentic Love describes my four-step process along with inspiring stories from the those I interviewed from across the country - happily coupled women who struggled and ultimately found their love connection.  Their experiences as well as my own personal love relationship journey confirms this four-step process really works! You can have the love you've been seeking! 

I also write a weekly blog post on a variety of dating, love relationship and marriage topics. You're invited to sign-up for your personal weekly copy. Sign-up today and you'll receive a copy of my complimentary report: Top Ten Reasons Women are Still Single. Hope to see you in my online community!

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