6 Ways To Stay In Love While Planning Your Wedding

6 Ways To Stay In Love While Planning Your Wedding [EXPERT]

By Holly Lefevre, Author of "The Everything Wedding Checklist Book", for GALtime

You met. You dated. You fell in love. He proposed (or maybe you did!). You started planning a wedding and suddenly found yourself wondering why. Screech! Stop! What!? Have A Worldly Wedding [VIDEO]

As couples plan a wedding, they all too often let the wedding details take precedent over the relationship. Once upon a time, there were dinner dates, texts to say "I love you," and hand holding. But, now, dinner means menu tastings, texts are sent to the wedding planner and hand holding is out of the question. Instead, a bride's hands are full of clipboards, wedding notebooks and smart phones.

A couple's life can be quickly overtaken by the world of weddings. The last thing you want is for one of you to feel neglected while the other feels "he just doesn't care!" Each and every couple needs to make their relationship a priority to avoid feelings of burn out, frustration and exasperation. Take a moment. Take a breath. Take time to make some magic that has nothing to do with wedding planning.

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Here are six ways to keep the romance alive while wedding planning: 

1. Schedule the "wedding talk." All of the "wedding talk" can take over your relationship. Once a month or once a week, set aside time to eat dinner together, grab a coffee or go for a walk and make one simple rule: no talking about wedding planning. Perhaps even create a list of things you would love to try or do together over the next year and plan them out on the calendar. Also, make rules for times for "wedding talk" at home or when you are together. Make it clear that there should be no "wedding talk" at times such as dinner or early in the morning. 

2. Keep the element of surprise. Surprise your significant other with a romantic weekend or an overnight excursion, not one where you are researching venues. Consider planning something unusual or totally "not you." Go rock climbing, backpacking, stay on a farm or jet off to the city. Experiencing something new together can bring you closer together.

3. Savor the sweetness. Send texts or emails or even real mail that says "I love you," or "I am thinking about you." Leave the wedding details out of a few of these communications and simply be sweet. Show your significant other how important he or she is to you.

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