7 Things We Can Learn About Love From Public Speaking

7 Things We Can Learn About Love From Public Speaking [EXPERT]

1. Be yourself. No matter how much you try to imitate or please others, if you don't bring yourself out, you're giving a wrong message about who you are. And how would you like to be loved: as the real you or a fictitious person that you make up? How long could you play that fictitious role without being caught?

2. Let your fears go. Fears might haunt you before speaking in public, but you need to let them go and focus on your message. Practicing your speech in advance really helps. Same in relationships; do you fear that you're not loved enough? Or you're not good enough for partner? Let those fears go and focus on what you really want to say or do. Let yourself express in that way, not to be blocked by yours fears. How To Overcome Your Fear Of Commitment

3. Ask questions. This is a great way to engage your audience, to get feedback and see if your assumptions are true. It makes others feel good to know that their voice is important. Isn't this true for personal and professional relationships, as well?

4. Listen to the audience. Yes, you need to listen! And not just to the other person's words, but also to the emotional field emanated. It might give you a different signal than the projected words or ideas on how to better handle that specific situation. Is tension starting to build up? Is it too quiet? Too emotional? Embarrassing? These are signals of something that's ready to unfold, and by being aware of them, you can help the process or redirect it if you don't like the unfolding direction. And yes, listening also means really hearing what others are saying, not just the voice in your head when they're talking. 10 Subtle Ways To Grab Any Man's Attention

5. Have an objective and act accordingly. You might have an objective as a public speaker and you should align your actions accordingly. It's the same when you start a relationship. For example, your objective might be to build your life together with that special person that makes you feel so good, loved and appreciated. If you loose your objective from sight, and get caught into the daily life routine, you might not continue to take the right actions...and soon you might find yourself out of the path you chose at the beginning. I guess you can predict what results could be in this case.

6. Give first. A public speaker cannot know the reaction of his audience before he delivers the speech. He puts himself out there, gives first and reap the results. Are you a giver in your relationship? Or do you expect first? And here's another question: are you giving yourself too much in a relationship, so you forget about who you are and what are your needs? Giving is not only for others, but also for yourself. Influential Celebrities Speak Out Against Bullying

7. Uniqueness. Even if you deliver the same speech to different audiences (which I don't really recommend), I bet the experience is different! The audience and the interaction you have during the speech is so unique that you better be flexible to accommodate it! How flexible are you in your relationships? The person in front of you is different than you, but I guess you know that by now! Appreciate the differences, and don't expect to be perfectly understood without some effort on your part. We are unique beings, with different backgrounds and ways of thinking. So be open to discover, be flexible and adjust if you want the most of your relationship. Getting stuck in your own point of view means you consider others thinking exactly like you do.

In any relationship everyone is right, but only partially! What do you think? :)

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