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6-10 years


Toronto ON M5M3A9 - Canada


CPC, MBA, MS, Other

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Career Coach, Relationship Coach, Speaker/Presenter

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All areas, please inquire



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Succes and Happiness Start From Within!

About Gabriela Casineanu

Some people seem to navigate more easily the relationships' landscape than others. Some don't know how to better handle life challenges, while others embrace them ... and look at life as a continuous learning journey!
No matter where you are in this moment, there's always more: more happiness waiting for you, more wonderful relationships to build (with yourself and others), more meaning to add to your life while walking your personal and professional path (they are so connected, anyway!).
I'm passionate about helping people to add more meaning to their life, and accelerating their discovery that happiness and success starts from within!
Are you ready to discover all these?
Can you imagine what a great future we can create by everyone expressing the beauty of his true self?


Gabriela Casineanu, Thoughts Designer

Location: Toronto, Canada
Credentials: ORSC, M.Sc., MBA
Main Specialties: Life Management, Life Transitions, Employment Stress/Growth
Website: http://ThoughtsDesigner.com

Gabriela Casineanu Success Stories

Now I'm more confident...

Women dealing with stress

“Gabriela, I want to thank you for your guidance and support in a very difficult time in my life. Your expert coaching, exercises, booklet and other related tools unstuck me – helping me to realize my true potential and talents and move forward. I’m now more focused, determined and confident about who I am, what is and is no longer important to me, what I want to achieve in my life and why. I feel well equipped to deal with anything that comes my way and ready to take it on!”
Janette Burke, Marketing/PR coach www.yourmarketingmagnet.com

My life was monotone...

Single women

“One hour coaching session with you was enough to bring unexpected changes in my life, in the following two days. My life was monotone, I wanted some changes. But after our session, and all the work on myself you have facilitated, my life was transformed in a festival of news! Now, my problem is how to slow down or deal with this! Really incredible, you are a magician!!! 1000 Thanks!”
Maimouna Keita

Out of Comfort Zone

Single men

“Two years ago I was in the state when I did not want to do anything, but to have a job and work. It was the moment when Gabriela’s life coaching started to change my life. In few sessions she convinced me to get out of the comfort zone and discover the real life, to discover the real me. The most amazing thing that she did was a group exercise in which I was told to be more outspoken, to be the opposite of my character, and… I am still playing that role since. Well, that was my missing part. I feel now that I am at a very advanced level with what I am achieving in my life. You are really amazing.
Thank you Gabriela! I am so grateful to you.”
Gervend Bajan, IT Specialist

From Engineering to Artist and Interior Designer

Men dealing with stress

“Your coaching made me more aware of my positive side, which was buried underneath the negative side of myself that society built up. It helped me to accomplish some of my artistic dreams, to trust myself more, to be more confident around people. Now I feel at ease in job interviews, and I’m able to reveal the real me. I became the Raw Roland, instead of Jpeg Roland.”
Roland Isai, Mechanical Engineer

Shifting perspectives

Women dealing with work related stress

“It is amazing how Gabriela, through her ingenious combination of coaching methods, guided me patiently and wisely to blowing up my limiting beliefs and leading to the biggest discovery of my life: the awareness of my inner force and its unlimited potential. Previously I was seeing life as being hard, but thanks to her mastery, my perspective shifted: I find it now as an incredibly exciting and enjoyable journey. I consider myself fortunate for the moment when our destinies crossed and grateful for every moment we have spent together. Thank you, coach!”
Mihaela Fecioru, HR Specialist

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