How To Overcome Your Fear Of Commitment

"Marriage is a wonderful institution...but who wants to live in an institution?" -Groucho Marx

Nothing bugs the students and clients I work with more than angst about commitment. I'm all for commitment ... for stepping up to the relationship plate, aligning actions and words. Sometimes, however, it takes an unusual perspective to get some unusual results.

In a course I teach for amazing women, the final assignment is to plan a commitment ceremony. It includes a vow-creation exercise and a marriage ceremony planning. But here's the clincher: it's all for the woman's relationship to herself! Dating Advice: How To Handle The Fear Of Rejection

Commitment. Big, bold, juicy word that holds promise and possibility, clarity of intention, perhaps a touch of constriction along with a big breath of freedom. It also means to pledge, devote or bind to a certain course or policy. And it also means to be in a long-term emotional relationship with.

It's a powerful exercise because, really, when do we pay that much attention to our relationship with ourselves? It's also powerful to truly think through exactly what we are creating from our commitment and our vows. What are we agreeing to uphold and who are we agreeing to be, in rough times and smooth? And who are we in a long-term emotional relationship with, if not ourselves?

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