4 Questions to Answer If You Are Falling in Love Online

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Don't let technology glitch your perspective. You deserve the same respect dating online and off.

Dating online can be the beginning of a long lasting relationship. According to Match.com, one out of every five new relationships starts online. However, even though technology can speed up the time it takes to find someone, it still takes time to plant the seed and let it blossom into lasting love.

When you have met a special person on the Internet, it may not be as easy to begin dating in life. They may live in another city, schedules may not work or because of personal reasons, it may be more comfortable to develop love online before going offline.

Opening your heart to anyone can leave you vulnerable, but caring for someone that you can’t see or spend time with daily can be challenging.  If you are falling for someone on the other side of the screen, make sure the feelings are mutual.  Before answering yes, consider the following:

1. Is he there for you? Are you the one who seems to be setting the times to talk or connect? He should be actively participating in scheduling the online date times. If you are spending more time emailing and less time talking, video chatting or texting, this is not a good sign. At some point, the veil of ambiguity has to be lifted. Your online relationship should become more intimate through conversations and face to face connections, even if that means using video to do so.

2. When will you meet?  Although the jury is out as to when to meet your online interest, at some point, it has to happen. If days are suddenly weeks, and weeks have turned into months, something is amiss. Love can’t wait. Love shouldn’t wait. Unless you are parted by oceans and don’t qualify for a passport, there isn’t a logical reason to see someone that you are in love with and loves you. Don’t let excuses blind your common sense.

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