Relationship Coaching in Sex Life Coaching


Eric Amaranth gives an example from his work where relationship coaching joined sex coaching.

While it's true that the largest portion of sex life coaching that Betty and I do for our clients surrounds the exciting subject materials, we also are there to coach clients through relationship issues as they pertain to their shared sex life.

This is a blog on my most recent session with a couples client we'll call, "Judy and Keith." They gave me permission to discuss these specific sections of their coaching.

The two of them began their sex life coaching with me with a range of goals and interests. Among them, Judy wanted to have more and easier orgasms with Keith during oral and manual sex and also during intercourse. Keith loves the thrills with being a part of making female orgasms happen, but found along with Judy that his present skill set when combined with hers and the dynamics of how their relationship intertwined with their sex together made that a challenge. They'd had 7 sessions with me before the one I'll describe, so a lot of great and interesting things had already happened.

The 8th session was with just me and Keith on Skype together. I opened the session by asking him what was new since our last session. On the celebration side, he said Judy had her first and faster orgasm with him from oral sex when done with a combination of techniques and principles I'd given them. I was really happy and asked if there were any challenges. Keith said yes. They'd had a session of missionary sex where Judy was extra hot and gorgeous, which made Keith come very hard, but faster than he'd like. Not instantly, but sooner than what hed been practicing his come control skills to achieve. Because it was an especially strong orgasm, his oxytocin hormone rush hit him hard. Keith rolled over onto his back and stared up at the ceiling in wonder/bliss, and started thinking quietly on what he'd done to go off so soon, how good it was, how beautiful and hot his wife of 10+ years looked, and what to do next. Judy suddenly hissed that it looked to her like things were going back to the old ways. She rolled over onto her side and faced away from here, not interested in hearing anything more.

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