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Eric Amaranth is a sex life coach covering topics ranging from solo and partnered women's and men's sexuality, awakening your sleeping sexual side or sex drive, first time orgasm for women, orgasm during intercourse, basic to advanced sex skills, men's sexual issues, and much more. The ten year protege of pioneering sex educator Betty Dodson, Ph.D., the author of the feminist classic "Sex For One".

Amaranth is best known for his sophisticated, made for adults, sex life coaching for individuals and couples where he mentors his clients of all sexual orientations and genders toward the sex life, intimacy, and connection goals they desire most. Advancing your sex life with yourself and/or a partner(s). Amaranth works with clients in a variety of ways. He primarily utilizes what he calls Talk Sessions (tm). Talk Sessions work very similarly to any other form of coaching: through one-on-one or couples discussion with or without sex skills practice via sex toys. The client chooses the formality of speech and sexual terminology from clinical to casual. There is no nudity or sexual display in Talk Sessions-- just talk. You get to ask Eric anything you want. After each session, you'll play and experiment on whatever you went over: healing something in your sex life, new sex skills, or improvements on existing sex interests. Amaranth has a very strong foundation of physical sex skill sets, however he also coaches clients fluently on mental, social, and emotional skills. If it has to do with forwarding a healthy sex life, Eric will guide you to what you want.

For those few who are ready, Amaranth also offers Guided Sessions (tm) where he guides, fully clothed and without participating or making sexual contact, while the client(s) engage in a practice session of sex, solo or partnered, to learn-while-doing whatever the sex skill may be. The same idea as a dance teacher or personal trainer in the gym. It's co-creating to make sex the most powerful it can be-- just like we teach everything else. His clients are consistently surprised with how fast they get better at sex whether they do Guided Sessions or Talk Sessions.

Amaranth works with individuals, women and men, and partnerships of all sexual orientations in-person or via Skype or phone. Eric also offers what he calls "best friend sessions" where a woman and her best girlfriend learn together if they aren't comfortable learning with Eric singularly. Eric coaches men through resolution of premature ejaculation, difficulty reaching orgasm, as well as establishing a bedrock of great sex skills for the women or men they love. Further, if you're already sexually proficient and believe learning from a professional is fruitless because you know all their material, then consider Eric for the next steps in your sexual sophistication's growth.

Amaranth thinks of his profession as "the new sex therapy" which complements a psychology-based sex therapist's work. This offers a client the full range of sex development and issue resolution. Eric is not a psychologist. If you have past issues of abuse and psychological disorders surrounding sex, a sex therapist is the clear choice. However, if you are free of those issues or your sex therapy has reached a comfortable point of success, sex life coaching advances you even further.

Eric's position is that for the majority of people, appreciation through a flourishing sex life is one of the best sustainable resources we have to renew love and connection as well as the erotic between partners. It's what makes the hard times not nearly as hard and divisive as they could be.

Amaranth shows you the way to build your sex life, solo or with your partner(s), brick by brick, better and better, for years to come just like he designs his own sex life. No adult sex education professional out there has ten years with a mentor like Betty Dodson, plus Amaranth's own rich experience, original material, willingness to research for himself and clients, and a committment to understanding how to create and make replicable some of the best sexual pleasure and intimacy paths.

Speaking and Media Appearances: Amaranth has co-presented on sex education at NYU Medical School on sexual technique and ejaculatory control with Dr. Dodson. He has presented erotic sex education salons at Kiki De Montparnasse. He has been featured in national publications including Marie Claire, Salon.com, a WellandGoodNYC.com feature article on his health and female orgasm information and a feature MarieClaire.com article. Eric has appeared on The View with his mentor Betty.

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