The #1 Kissing Skill For Men To Master


How to avoid grossing out a woman with excess saliva during a kiss!

I was told to write on this title by my beloved partner and her friends because it's much needed info to get out there for men and for women. It's on one of the most important mindful-based skills in good kissing: not letting your saliva overwhelm your partner. This is particularly common in men because often with visual sexual attraction and turn on to a hot female body or face — he starts salivating. There are moments when this is okay, but it can usually be a big turn off for women. How To Be An Unforgettably Good Kisser, According To Men

Looking back at my experience, this was one of the things I've been unconscious of in the past and been called out on. I've heard women I've not been involved with mention it too based on their own experience. However, this extra salivation is a good sign. It means he's viscerally into you. How many times do we hear the female desire for a man to be into her? This is one of those biological signs.

I've heard some sex educators strongly advocate forms of sex where abandon and control has been thrown to the four winds and it's all animal. There's nothing wrong with that, but what is not taken into account is timing and where a given woman is with that sex mode. Does she crave that, or only when she's on the same page, or never? Are You Sexually Frustrated?

Most of the time you have to be slightly removed from tear-her-clothes-off mode so you can monitor your saliva output and swallow some here and there while you're making out; particularly in the beginning. It may change over into her wanting to non-stop roll tongues all over during some hot missionary. It may not. This brings me to one of the advantages of being with a partner long term is you find out their nuances. It's the reason I give to the contrary during discussions with people who say that first sex is always best.


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