4 Muscle Groups To Focus On If You Want *Earth-Shattering* Orgasms

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Muscle Groups To Focus On If You Want An Amazing Orgasm

It is absolutely true that a sex life can be enjoyed regardless of the shape someone is in. My sex life coaching works for a wide range of body types. It is also true that people in better shape have certain advantages in the bedroom. This blog post will cover several of the most relevant muscle groups for both women and men plus the effect they have on your sex and orgasm quality and possibilities. 

1. Abs

This muscle group is one of the most important for men or women on top. The abs are called on most to drive the pelvis during missionary and sideways missionary intercourse, which is still quite popular. Speeding up the rhythm of his thrust multiplies the effort required to keep up that pace. Slow is also great, it can contribute perfectly to big orgasms, and fast can make it feel like a blur of friction that isn't as good as the details you can feel with a slower pace.

That being said, fast has its place and specific advantages too. There are times when certain types of penetration must be done at a rapid rate based on the needs of his partner's body/genitals to reach orgasm or have the best time possible. There still other situations that have nothing to do with the receiving partner's needs and everything to do with the man expressing his overpowering desire for his partner and masculine sexual intention.

Abs also play a lesser role in many other positions because they will be recruited for most forms of thrusting. This is why I put ab workouts at the top of the list. The more crunches you can do, the more endurance you'll have, which translates into being able to thrust rapidly for a longer period of time. This is exactly what your partner may need for a favorite type of big orgasm. Triggering certain orgasms in a given person can also require specific forms of energy-intensive stimulation. If you have what it takes to trigger it, great! If not, then that's okay, but it's time to get back in the gym. 

My favorite way to workout my abs is with an abs machine that allows me to up the weight over time in a precise way. After you do crunches to a certain point, curling your own body weight won't be enough for further gains. Crunches on the floor are hard on your tail bone and lower back. You also wont be able to add more weight resistance to your crunches in a way that is easy to manage for the majority of people. I've seen my most consistent gains in my abs since using a crunches machine.

2. Quads/thighs

This muscle group is equally important to abs for both women and men. Strong, developed thighs allow a woman to sit astride her man (or penetrating woman) and buck and grind for as long as she wants or needs to drive him or her or herself over the edge into a big-O. This is a popular position for indirect clitoral stimulation during intercourse which works nicely for those women with a clitoris sensitive enough to build up and orgasm from vaginal penetration, plus indirect clitoral stimulation against her partner's pelvis. Even if a woman is not sensitive enough, she can still use this position and combine other forms of direct clitoral stimulation with it. 

I have a personal attraction to women with developed thighs. I call these thighs "sex engines" because besides looking sexy, driving a woman's thrusts during female superior/cowgirl is one thing they're made for. This position when done a certain way provides a unique form of stimulation to the head of the penis via her cervix.

Thighs are also important in other positions for men, as well; particularly positions with men and doing the thrusting on their knees. The usual weight training for thighs are good: squats and quad-targeting machines. On any of my weight training workouts, I follow a pattern of 10 reps at such and such weight, rest one minute, 8 at a bit higher weight, rest one minute, then a weight setting where I can do 4 to 6 reps before my muscles can lift no more. Rest for two minutes, then do 4 to 6 again. I repeat two more times and then I'm finished with that muscle group.

3. Butt

The glutes are a big deal in sex, both practically and visually. For both genders, it's simple: everyone loves to view and touch a partner's toned, attractive bum. On a practical note, the glutes do join with the abs to help give locomotion to thrusting and other hip movements. This is an opportune time to mention that one of the things I learned early on was that rocking hips are not just a male form of physical sexual expression.

I found that women also rock their hips often as their body's way of expressing the enjoyment of the sensations. I was taught that hip bobbing in women is often good to build arousal because it is sexual body language and will urge the mind to go into a more deeply aroused place. I suggest to female clients, as does my mentor, to experiment with different levels of hip bobbing and thrusting to see how it affects them and makes things better. 

I've tried a number of different exercises that do work the glutes, but no exercise does it for me like a glutes machine...not even squats. Squats can't isolate the glutes like that machine can. I don't see them in every gym, but look around in yours and try it out for a month or two using the workout method I described above. Because glutes are a large muscle group, you'll see noticeable changes faster than in smaller muscle groups like the arms. Speaking of which....

4. Arms.

We all know women love men with a pair of muscled arms. It reminds me of what men lust for in breast size and shape. The visual appeal is obvious and also the strength they can exert during sex is exciting. Specifically along these lines is going back to endurance again. The stronger the arms, the more endurance they have to do manual sexual skill sets (using your hands and things held by your hands) that require higher energy output for a given partner whose sex organs need more speed and power to best facilitate specific types of intense orgasms. Not running out of juice right as she's rising up to climax was a good reason for me to get into curls and tricep work. /

I like doing standing dumbell curls for my biceps and standing cable pulldowns for my triceps. They are done with the same format as above. My decision to target first the specific muscle groups that serve me best in sex turned out to be a very good idea.

Two more things:

  1. Google different workouts to increase breast size. You won't increase the breast tissue volume, but a bit more prominence of the pecs will improve the overall look.
  2. I prefer sprints and then resting for a minute or two on the treadmill rather than long-distance running for cardio. That being said, throwing some cardio in there is really good, as well, for stamina during intercourse.

As always, I speak in my blog about the basics and omit a lot of details. The details are what my clients enjoy. Contact me today to schedule a complimentary 30 minute session to give my sex life coaching a try.

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