6 Ways To Create The Life You Want (If You Feel Frustrated And STUCK)

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how to create the life you want

To accomplish great things in life, you have to get out of your own way. The biggest obstacle in life is that we get in our own way. 

It is easy to look at friends, family, or celebrities and judge the choices they make; it is easy because you look from the outside in. You don't have the same attachment or point of view as them either. What works for them doesn't have to work for you, and yet you measure your worth to what you see around you.

It is high time that you make an inventory of your life, to start. If you would give your life a mark — with 10 as the highest and 1 the lowest —  what would you give it?

Next question: what do you need to create the 10 mark? With other words "what do you want out of life?"

This may look like a simple question, but the answer is often not that straightforward. You use excuses like "I don't have the money", "The kids are still small", "It is not the right time yet", "I could never do that". "I don't have the skills to go after that", and so on and so forth.

And in the meantime, you complain that your life is not the way you hoped it would be. So, stop procrastinating and get out of your own way.

Here are the steps on how to create the life you want:

1. Make a list of what you want.


Cover the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life. Now that you know what you want, you have a direction in life. It is like have a road map to your dream destination; you now know which direction you need to take.

2. Assess the choices you make right now.

Are they working for you? Check if the choices you're making right now are in congruence with what you want in life.

In other words, do you follow your roadmap or are you just cursing along without paying attention where you are going?

3. Ask yourself if you're happy with your life.


If yes, keep doing what you're doing. If not, make an inventory of what needs to change and take steps to create what you want.

It is up to you to take control of your life; nobody can do it for you.

4. Don't hide when problems knock on your door, but face them head on.

You can't get away from difficulties; they don't go away by ignoring them. They just keep following where ever you go.

Pull up your big boy/girl pants and stare the trouble right in the eye; you will find that is the easiest on you in the long run.

5. Take care of yourself.


Make it a habit of carving out money and time in order to look after yourself. It is important for your self-esteem to feel beautiful from the inside out and just the way you are. This means paying attention to exercising, personal care (massages, mani/pedi, etc.), diet, and the way you dress.

Show pride in how you present yourself.

6. Make yourself accountable to someone.

Invest in a life coach to help you focus on your dreams and goals by asking tough questions that keep you on course and help you achieve your goals.

You may take your life for granted, but you are designed for greater things. Getting out of your own way is the highest form of self-love. With self-love, you have a greater capacity to loving others. If you can't love yourself how can you love anyone else?

Ellen Nyland is a Certified Life-Coach whose passion is connecting her clients to their loving self. Need a Life Coach who can help you love yourself? Contact Ellen

This article was originally published at Ellen Nyland. Reprinted with permission from the author.