4 Reasons You NEED To STOP Comparing Yourself To Others

It's only hurting you.

4 Reasons Why We Need To STOP Comparing Your Self With Others weheartit

Comparing ourselves to others is like comparing apples and bananas — they both may be fruit but are two different things.

When we compare ourselves to others, it seems that we always get the short end of the stick. Others are smarter, richer, more beautiful, or more successful than us. Opening a magazine, surfing the web, and watching TV, and our suspicions are confirmed.

There is a lot of improvement to be made so we conclude that we need to make a lot of changes before we are perfect and fit "The Mold."


The good news is, you are already perfect and unique, there is no one like you. This includes the whole you, your ripples, weight, smarts, sense of humor, age, career, and everything else that makes you, you. We have to ask ourselves: why do we compare ourselves to others?

We are not cars where millions of the same brand and model are produced. We're not a condo in a skyscraper. We're not even mass produced clothing.

But in the meantime, we treat our lives in the same category. Here are 4 main reasons why you should stop feeling insecure by comparing yourself to others:

1. We never get to see the whole picture.


We may look at our neighbors with envy when we see a new car in the carport and a new pool in the yard and wish you could have the same. However, you don't know how much they are maybe in debt — maybe collectors are calling, you don't know.

We see the global trotters flying all over the world, but we don't notice how much they miss home and miss birthdays and other important family occasions.


We see celebrities making a lot of money and have material wealth, but we overlook their mental state.

We don't know where others go through and what their life story is. We only see what they want you to see. We, too, show others what we want them to see. 

2. We pick unrealistic scenarios to compare with.

When we start a new career, we see ourselves as the CEO. Or when we diet, we already lost 50 pounds. Or when we just got married, we see ourselves living in a mansion and decorated by interior designers.

All because that is what the media let you believe is what everybody else is doing.    

3. We set ourselves up for failure.



With the unrealistic expectations that we put on ourselves, our efforts are doomed to fail. With everybody showing their best side, it is easy to ignore the reality. But nobody just becomes a CEO, lose 50 pounds, or lives in a mansion by age 23. We have to work for our achievements.    

4. It gives us a negative attitude.

When we keep feeling inferior, our self-worth becomes very low and it becomes very difficult to maintain a positive attitude towards life and life challenges. Depression is a real possibility.


Embrace your uniqueness, build on your strength and strengthen your weakness. You are perfect in the way you are.

If you want to compare, then compare yourself with who YOU were a day, a month, or 5 years ago. That is the only real comparison you can make. This way, you push yourself to become the best version of yourself.

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