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People With These 5 Personality Traits Know How To Manifest Their Dreams

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Dominant Personality Traits Of Men & Women Who Know How To Manifest Anything

Why is it that some people just seem to have that secret sauce and know how to manifest anything that makes for an exceptional life?

As a kid, I remember my favorite section of magazines was the personality tests and quizzes at the back that revealed hidden traits and characteristics inherent to who you really are. They were like a mirror showing me where I shone bright, as well as aspects of myself I was yet to discover.

Through these quizzes, I also learned to see personality traits in others that were helpful and harmful to themselves and those around them.

Over time, it became evident to me that understanding the psychology of personality is like a having secret arsenal that equips you to successfully navigate the world and have more fulfilling, healthy relationships.

Sadly, many people today think any one peraon's personality is limited to "five traits" or "16 types".

These categorizations are a great start, but viewing them as a definitive guide to personalities is far from the truth and an anorexic version of the richness of human possibility. Such reductionism means we lose the nuances that make each of us so interesting and compelling.

There are certain personality traits that don't necessarily define who you are as a whole, but which do have a profound impact on how naturally various life skills and capabilities come to you, such as the skill of knowing how to manifest the life of your dreams.

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So what kind of personality attributes are needed for creating the life of your dreams? That is, the kind of life where your inner world and outer world are congruent, the kind of life that just keeps getting better, and the kind of life that you wake up to each day filled with a full heart and fire in the belly.

Once we see the wizard behind the curtain — in other words personality traits that drive a person’s thoughts and deeds—then it’s really no big mystery. All we have to do to start manifesting our own dreams is to strengthen those muscles of the psyche and get going!

With that said, people with these five dominant personality traits know how to manifest anything their dreams possess.

1. Visionary

Dream-builders think big. Really big.

In fact, a visionary will go beyond regular thinking and open to inspiration from sources beyond themselves. Many pioneers, inventors, prophets, creatives and influencers experience ‘a-ha!’ moments through dream, epiphany, spiritual experiences and surprise visits from the muse.

People with vision are like a radio that can tune into different frequencies — the personal, the collective, the cosmic — and draw wisdom from them that meets the needs of our time. Such visions require time and space to breathe and evolve, and when followed through with sound action they become the seeds of manifestation.

2. Intentionality

Manifesting dreams requires focus and direction.

It’s one thing to have a dream, but to make it a reality requires crystal clarity and purposeful directing of one’s time and energy. Every action is done with intent. Nothing is wasted. Fuzzy dreams just won’t cut it; they must be lovingly and continually polished like a diamond.

People with intention tend to make decisions swiftly because they already know what’s in alignment (or not) with their vision. They are committed to making it a reality and take every moment as an opportunity to strengthen both the roots and shoots of their dream.

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3. Tenacity

Success in any form requires some level of determination, and this is especially true for those who make the non-visible into a living, breathing reality.

People who manifest their dreams are often outliers and operate differently to mainstream society. They have to be strong enough to follow a deep prompting, which sometimes means bucking the trend and facing resistance at some point. This is a natural course for any committed pioneer.

Dream manifestors will be particularly challenged when they have to hold tight to their vision when no-one else supports, understands, or cares. These can be dark and lonely days. But those who persist do so because the prize of realizing a personal dream is so much more valuable than the approval of others. And funny enough, the nay-sayers usually come good once they too can see the end result.

4. Co-creativity

People who know how to manifest their dreams are infectious. Like honey to the bees, they have a magnetic pull that makes you want to get involved in whatever they're doing.

This is a win-win-win because dream manifestors know that applied creativity never happens in silos. A dream can come to fruition faster and better when it involves the passion and dedication of others who also want to make the vision a reality. It’s a win for the dreamer, a win for those involved, and a win for greater humanity (assuming the dreamer has a benevolent intention, which they usually do).

People who are co-creative know how to direct their energies towards achieving a plan, but are also able to surrender to the signs from a greater wisdom if it makes more sense, brings about a better outcome, or intuitively feels like the right thing to do. Such co-creation with the great creator/spirit/universe/life-force/whatever-you-want-to-call-it is part of what makes dream manifestors so compelling.

5. Playfulness

Dream manifestors are like big kids in the playground of life.

If you hang out long enough with someone who knows how to manifest their dreams, you’ll come to experience a lightness of heart and spirit. Dream manifestation is a game of shape-shifting energy from the non-physical to the physical world. The more one masters playing the game, the more impact their actions can have.

Ready to play?

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Dr. Nicole Gruel is a spiritual health and wealth coach with Doctorate in Integral and Transpersonal Psychology who comes from a long line of samurai. A near-death experience as a teenager prompted her exploration of exceptional human experiences, and she now coaches people to create fulfilling and spiritually rich lives—inside and out. Find her on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for more.