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About Joy Davidson

Most of us strive for happiness and fulfillment in the key areas of our lives. While few of us achieve perfect balance in all of them, creating a sense of optimal wellbeing is surely within our grasp.  My mission as an expert, author, and educator has focused on four core aspects of the journey toward optimal wellbeing. These are represented by four L-words: "Live, Love, Lust, Leap."

LIVE: Live large, live fit, live strong.

LOVE: Love yourself, love others, keep love alive.

LUST: Lust deeply, choose wisely, learn constantly.

LEAP: Take leaps of action, courage, imagination

In my own life, I'm about to embark on a literal "magical mystery tour" as I take a break from my professional practice in New York to become a "global nomad." Instead of a focus on the Love and Lust side of L4, my work will extend from and encourage the Leaps.

Over the coming year I'll be traveling throughout Europe (and perhaps other continents), taking my own leap of action to live out this long-held dream.  Along the way I'll be writing about my experiences; about making the most of travel as a creative, sensual, and enlightening process, whether solo or as a couple; and I'll be acquainting readers with many intriguing spots for lodging, dining, beauty and inspiration as I discover them. 

Of course, if you're especially interested in articles about relationships and intimacy, I will continue to feature them on my website at JoyDavidson.com. You might also consider joining my private "L4 Club" to take advantage of its many powerful member benefits. Or, simply check in with me on Twitter: @DrJoyDavidson

See you on the road! 

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