Engaged? 4 Ways To Tell Whether Your Marriage Will Work

Engaged? 4 Ways To Tell Whether Your Marriage Will Work [EXPERT]

If you're wondering whether or not to say "I do," you've come to the right place.

Researchers have identified several signs that predict whether an engaged couple is bound for success or failure in marriage. Here are four indications that your impending nuptials won't last:

1. Eye-rolling. Does the groom-to-be listen to his bride's concerns or dismiss them? Responding with eye-rolling, repeating his own perspective as if he is right and she is wrong or responding critically with what is wrong with her viewpoint bode poorly for the partners' future happiness.

Listening to a partner, by contrast, is a positive sign. A husband who takes his wife's concerns seriously is more likely to make a great mate. (Research psychologist John Gottman gets credit for this discovery.) 3 Experts Weigh In On Brad & Angelina's Unconventional Engagement

2. Insufficient responses. Does the groom-to-be take action in response to concerns and requests from his bride-to-be? If she says it's important to her to start saving money together and he goes out and splurges on a new car without her okay, then there most likely is going to be trouble ahead. Success in marriage may soon become elusive.

By contrast, actions that indicate he takes her concerns to heart are a good indicator of a successful partnership. Opening up a savings account would be a positive step.

3. Heavy-duty spending. An orientation toward shopping and consuming often coincides with lower-level people skills. Beware! According to a study by Jason S. Caroll, Lukas R. Dean, Lindsey L. Call and Dean M. Busby recently published in the Journal of Couple & Relationship Therapy, too much emphasis on appearances and on how a person looks financially to others can indicate danger ahead.

Interestingly, the study found that materialism is also a factor in predicting marriage problems, especially, if both partners are big on buying things If just one party has a strong materialistic bend, the mathematical odds of making it as a couple go up, provided that the household has sufficient finances to cover the expenses.

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