3 Beliefs That Are Severely Stunting Your Earning Potential

You've probably heard of most of these ideas already:

  • Get promoted
  • Get a better job
  • Increase your education
  • Save more of your income
  • Decrease your expenses

Here's an idea you may not have heard of: increase your financial thermostat.

What's A Financial Thermostat And How Do You Increase It?

In his book, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Eker explains that your financial thermostat is the set point of how much money you can make and keep. 

Similar to the thermostat in your home, your financial thermostat regulates your finances so that you don't make more or less than what it's set for. If you make more, you'll lose it in some way. 

For example, an unexpected expense may come up. If you make less than what your financial thermostat is set for, you might receive unexpected money.

Your financial thermostat is set by your subconscious beliefs about money. That's why 80% of lottery winners lose all or more of their winnings within 5 years, even after taking classes on managing large amounts of money, wreaking havoc on your happiness.

3 Common Limiting Subconscious Beliefs About Money:

  1. If I make more money than my family, they will be upset: This leads you to make only as much as your family members in order to remain a member of your tribe.
  2. If I make more money than my friends, they will be jealousFear of being rejected by friends can be a powerful subconscious motivator to remain in the same income bracket.
  3. I'm not meant to be rich: Lots of people justify this belief by telling themselves that money isn't that important or that it's wrong to want to be rich.

Your subconscious mind is full of beliefs—beliefs from your parents, your culture, your environment and your thoughts. These beliefs are evident in the way your life shows up. 

If you don't like what's showing up, you can put a lot of effort into changing the circumstances of your life or you can change things at the root level - your subconscious mind. You don't have to feel stuck, stressed or depressed. 

You Can Take Control OF Your Subconscious Mind And Change Your Financial Thermostat.

Our subconscious mind is estimated to be a million times more powerful than our conscious mind. Imagine a tug-of-war. Your conscious mind wants one thing (to be wealthy) and your subconscious mind believes that opposite ("I can never be wealthy.")

Which side do you think will win? You need to put in an enormous amount of conscious effort to get life to go your way if you don't have supporting subconscious beliefs on your side.

PSYCH-K® shifts subconscious thinking patterns that hold you back. It works by working with your subconscious to put you in a whole brain state so that both hemispheres are equally balanced to integrate the new beliefs into your system.

Unlike hypnosis, you are conscious during the change. You choose the beliefs you want to change and you put them into your subconscious mind. The PSYCH-K® facilitator is there to help you dig for the limiting beliefs and guide you through the process.

The key to having more money is finding the beliefs that keep you from having more money and changing them.

If you're committed to understanding and removing obstacles to the life you want, get your free copy of the Subconscious Beliefs Quiz now.

Sandra Thébaud, PhD is a Transformation Specialist. Visit  to learn more about how you can get the life you want without willpower and effort.

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