10 Simple Ways To Show Love To YOURSELF. Every. Single. Day.

YOU are the most important thing in your life. Or at least you SHOULD be.

10 Simple Ways To Take Care Of Yourself Every Single Day Eakachai Leesin/Shutterstock

Self care is my battle cry! The truth is that the care you give yourself feeds in all aspects of your life and sense of wellbeing. 

I know that practicing self care can sometimes be difficult to fit into a busy day-to-day schedule. But self-care is an investment in your personal resources. Whether the achievement of your goals requires a lot or a little of your resources, self care will allow you to nurture your most important tool — yourself.


Here is a list of 10 self care techniques you can use throughout your day so you can feel AMAZING: 

1. Move your body, feed your body.  

Movement and nutrition are essential to self care. Learn to lovingly and joyfully move your body. Dance, do yoga, stretch, walk or engage in more vigorous exercise. Feed yourself everything your body needs to be healthy. If you're not sure what this is, start by drinking more water and eating more greens.

2. Spend time in nature and with animals.  

Both of these experiences have a positive effect on our overall wellbeing. They help us de-stress and relax. An animal's playful and loving ways do wonders for our moods, and taking a walk in the woods can help us feel connected to the larger world. If you can’t get outside, get a plant, or two, or three.


3. Turn off the TV and go phone-free. 

We're wired 24/7 these days. We wake up and almost immediately look at our smartphone or TV. If you haven't already put yourself on a technology diet, I'd suggest doing so. Limiting the amount of time you spend looking at screens can have a fabulous effect on your quality of life.

4. Be less negative and spend less time around negative people. 

It takes two to tango. If you're in a negative mindset, then chances are the people around you are too. Take some time to work on your mindset first. Bring more positivity into the way you think and speak. Then choose to be around people who reflect your new mindset, whether they are new acquaintances or not.


5. Get busy forgiving. 

Nothing pulls your wellbeing down more than uncleared anger and resentment towards others. The only person suffering from your negative thinking is you. People can be short-sighted and can sometimes make mistakes. Yet, holding onto the mistakes of others instead of forgiving them is the biggest mistake of all.

6. Spend time with awesome friends. 

Spending time with people you love and doing fun things with them — especially things that include lots of laughter — is a wonderful way to relax and connect two important aspects of self care.

7. Make your thoughts work for you. 

Obsessive thinking and worry are so commonplace that people think it's normal to act and feel these ways. While common for sure, these are not healthy patterns. Learn to stop yourself when your worry or catastrophic thinking gets the better of you. Simply say stop and focus your mind on something more pleasant or productive.


8. Give back. 

Being of service is a powerful way to bring good feeling and wellbeing into your life. Service to others gives us a sense of purpose in the world. So, take a weekend to volunteer at a food bank, community garden or your local Habitat for Humanity. You'll put some good juju in the world.

9. Let it out. 


Sometimes you just need to tend to your emotional backlog. If you have a lot of built up emotion or if you've been dealing with a lot of stress, the best self care might actually be to throw a fit. Lie down on your bed and kick and hit the mattress with your arms and legs. Scream if it feels right. You'll feel like a million bucks afterwards.

10. Be thankful.

Nothing changes your attitude like gratitude. Take a moment every day to write or state at least three things that you're grateful for. So many of us have so much to be thankful for. Remember this is a form of self care.

Dr. Kate Siner is a personal development coach and author who resides in Providence, RI. She is the author of the book, Real Answers: Fulfillment is Closer Than You Think When You Know Where To Look.


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